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Bluesky: The Twitter Alternative is now also available on Android, but by invitation only

Last month we told you about the launch of Blueskythe new social platform created by the co-founder of Twitter, who today it also arrives on Android. The app had been launched exclusively for iOS devices last February, but access is restricted only to those who receive an invitation from an active member. The same also applies to Android users, who must be invited to access.

Meanwhile, however, while waiting to meet someone who is inside, you can download the app from the Google Play Store.

Bluesky comes to Android, what is it about?

The Verge reports that, right now, Bluesky matters no more than 25,000 users, who exchange messages, images and videos on various topics. The atmosphere is positive and cordial, and there is a sense of belonging and collaboration. In this sense Bluesky presents itself as an alternative to Twitter toxicity.

Bluesky is based on the protocol AT (originally called ADX, or Authenticated Transfer Protocol). AT is similar to ActivityPubthe decentralized protocol underpinning Mastodon. It is no coincidence that it shares the concept of decentralization with the latter platform. This means that users are not all part of the same “world”, as happens on Twitter.

Individual users can decide to take part only in specific channels, just like on Mastodon. A similar system, albeit much more restricted and with different purposes, is the one at the basis of Discord. Also, as a decentralized social network, developers don’t have full control over what users and other developers can do on the platform.

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