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LEGO: new sets announced for 100 years of Disney!

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Disney, the LEGO Group once again surprises fans of the brick and the most famous animation studio in the world

These two new sets allow little builders to immerse themselves in the magical world of the most loved cartoons and have fun recreating the iconic settings. Thanks to these two novelties signed LEGO group it is possible to put your creativity into play in a unique and engaging way. The two sets have been designed to invent fantastic stories and bring their characters to life Disney favorite incredible and magical experiences, but also create wonderful sets to be displayed in your bedroom.

43215 LEGO Disney 100: The Enchanted Treehouse

This set allows you to play with your favorite Disney heroines, giving maximum scope for the imagination to have incredible experiences and adventures in this fantastic tree house. The 13 Minifigure LEGO present in the set they can in fact read, take a canoe ride, dance, hone their skills as a warrior and even look for a hidden treasure!

This wonderful LEGO set contains some of the most beloved characters from the Disney universe: Mulan, Raya, Elsa, Moana, Tinker Bell, Bella, Alice, Wendy, Tiana, Anna, Pocahontas, Princess Jasmine and Mirabel.

LEGO Disney 100 The Enchanted Tree House consists of a two-story tree housea waterfall, a zip line, plus lots of accessories and features that encourage play, including a hidden cave behind the waterfall and a secret ladder in the treehouse.

Playtime is enhanced byapp LEGO Builderwhich allows you to zoom and rotate the models, for an unprecedented gaming experience!

LEGO: new sets announced for 100 years of Disney!

43221 LEGO Disney 100: 100 Years of Disney Icons

This is an imaginative 100 LEGO Disney set with which you can choose your favorite characters and create a collage to display on the wall. This set of fantastic art decorations helps to stimulate the creativity and ingenuity of children, who can create and display their favorite characters.

This new entry, which is also suitable for group play, also becomes an excellent original gift. This set includes 72 images12 of which can be displayed at the same time and an exclusive Mickey Mouse LEGO Minifigure.

Play time is enriched by the LEGO Builder app, which makes the adventure even easier and more intuitive, zooming and rotating the 3D models, saving sets and tracking the progress of the game: everything you need to become little ones great builders!

LEGO: new sets announced for 100 years of Disney!

Prices and availability

These new sets are available from June 1 at the LEGO Store, and in the best toy stores. The set “The enchanted tree house” will be offered at a recommended price of 169,99€While “100 Years of Disney Icons” a 54,99€.

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