Casse Bluetooth: pratica e comoda innovazione tecnologica

Bluetooth speakers: practical and convenient technological innovation

Small and medium-sized devices that allow you to listen to audio files, not just music, and work via Bluetooth connection. Let’s find out

The bluetooth they are innovative small speakers, easily transportable and connectable to a wide range and to a large number of mobile devices such as, for example, PCs, tablets and smartphones. All this is possible thanks to the use of wireless technology that allows wireless connectivity.

In fact, to be able to use the Bluetooth speakers it is sufficient to connect the device via Bluetooth to the smartphone or PC. Listening to the personal playlist or the song chosen at that moment will be immediate. In addition, there is no need to worry about the distance, as the speakers on the market cover a distance of about 10 meters.

What are Bluetooth speakers?

These are small and medium-sized devices that allow you to listen to audio files, not just music, and work via Bluetooth connection.

Wanting to look for an ancestor, one could say without much doubt that the coffers in question are the evolution of wired speakers. The innovation can also be found in the total absence of wires and in the possession of all those necessary functions that guarantee the user the possibility of being able to live the experience linked to listening peacefully and quietly.

What is Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth technology is actually a wireless technology used for the interchange of data in digital form over a short distance without the need for the physical cable thus definitively eliminating any problems and annoyances related to the presence of the aforementioned. Generally, the maximum range of bluetooth mostly used in the home, or in small spaces or in any case not excessively large, it is about 10 meters. On the market, however, it is possible to find devices that have a greater range, naturally mainly indicated for professional use. in fact, the Bluetooth 4.0 technology it can cover a distance of about 60 meters, while those 5.0 can guarantee a coverage of about 240 meters.

What is the difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers?

One might think that the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi indications are equivalent and synonymous. Therefore, one might be justified in thinking that the devices make no difference. In reality, this is not the case.

The Bluetooth technology is defined low interference, stable and ideal for transmitting short range signals. In fact, the devices that use this technology for their operation can cover a distance, as already written, of about 10 meters.

The tecnologia Wi-Fi, instead, it allows you to transport a greater amount of data in large spaces, thus covering large distances. Due to its peculiarities and characteristics, on the other hand, it requires the installation of a local network, ie a LAN or WLAN network on which to rely for data transmission.

How to choose the Bluetooth speakers?

The bluetooth case, characterized by qualities such as practicality, functionality and technology are, undoubtedly, a product characterized, moreover, by a strong appreciation by the end user.

Before proceeding with the purchase of the technological device under analysis, it would be appropriate to evaluate and consider some parameters. First of all, the use that will have to be made of it. Secondly, any spending ceiling to be respected. Furthermore, the aspect linked to the practicality of transport and, therefore, to the lightness of the same should not be underestimated.

The speakers in question can be easily recharged anywhere, from the PC to the car, and can be connected to any device. In this regard, the most recent models allow you to connect to virtual assistants and, therefore, allow you to make phone calls, change TV channels and even be able to interact with a smart home.

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