Bluetti bursts with energy at CES 2023

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LAS VEGAS – Portable energy, even in the desert surrounding the bright lights of Las Vegas: Bluetti he brought electricity into his stand al CES 2023which we visited together with CEO Longman Li. Who explained to us how the power station del brand can carry electricity wherever it is needed. But also how Bluetti’s products can make our homes safe from blackouts and even power our devices with solar energy.

At CES 2023 the Bluetti stand is full of energy

After offering us a coffee from a machine powered by one of the Bluetti power stations, CEO Longman Li explains to us the vast range of products that his team has brought to CES 2023 these days. But before doing so, he specifies that the products we photographed and analyzed with him are designed for the American market. Then nothing European standard sockets and suitable specifications to our electric.

But Bluetti also sells power stations, backup generators for the home and portable solar panels in Italy, with all the necessary modifications. Because we too have the same needs: simple and green solutions to supply electricity to our devices, both inside and outside the home.

Bluetti power stations at CES 2023

CEO Longman Li starts showing us the brand’s “basic” power stations, such as EB3Awhich however already has one power of 600W and capacity of 268Wh. He explains that this product is recharged by 80% in just 40 minutes, both via a normal socket but also with the brand’s solar panels, or simply with a car cigarette lighter. With eight charging sockets and an integrated wireless pad, they can recharge laptops, smartphones, mini fridges, drones. In short, they are a perfect companion for camping.

Con EB55 ed EB70 the power will rise to 700W (537Wh capacity) and 100W (716Wh capacity), respectively. But even in this case there are many different ports (including USB for recharging smart devices).

Even more powerful are the power stations AC200P e AC200Maxwhich Longman Li explains to us “can serve for those who in America they call RV”, our campers. In fact, they have high power: respectively 2,000 and 2,200 Watts, with capacities of 2000 Wh and 2048 Wh. But here the sockets also increase a lot, allowing you to connect different devices in order to have plenty of energy for your every need.

The AC200P model has for example 13 exit ports and it charges (also via the sun) in about two and a half hours. And like everything else in the series, it has one LCD screen which you can use to manage the charge of all your devices.

Alternative generators for the home and expansion batteries

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Going up in power again, we find at the stand real alternative generators for the home: a perfect solution for those who fear sudden blackouts. The CEO explains to us, for example, that “in Puerto Rico and other areas of the United States where the electricity grid goes out often, our solutions they supply emergency energy to many homes”.

With 3,000W of power and 3,072Wh of capacity, AC300 gives a really interesting backup solution. Especially if combined with expansion batteries such as B230 (2.048Wh), B300 (3.072Wh) e B500 (4.960Wh): an energy reserve that you can expand according to your needs.

The Bluetti CEO also shows us other alternative generators at CES 2023, such as EP500. Which is a real portable power station, capable of acting as a generator in the network and charging different devices simultaneously. And it has a flexible charging mode to keep your EP500 always ready replace the home network, if necessary.

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Even more powerful models such as EP600which has a power of 6,000W and 9,920Wh capacity (and with expansion batteries it can go up to a maximum of 79,360Wh) can power any home for at least 24 hours, no matter how much your home consumes. And if you are more thrifty, even more.

The power of the sun

Finally, CEO Longman Li shows us the solar panels, which at the Bluetti stand at CES 2023 demonstrate how simple it is to carry these energy generators with you. In fact, once folded, they take up very little space. Mostly the smaller PV120 (120W), but also the large 400W PV400 it becomes easy to take with you and assemble if you go camping for example. And then you can keep them deployed at home to have backup power, charging Bluetti’s generators and batteries.

With such a varied line of products, Bluetti promises to provide energy to everyone in every situation. To fully live our lives away from the electric grid (or to replace it when it has some problems). You can find the European version of all the products we saw at CES 2023 on the Bluetti website.