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BLUETTI: some tips to alleviate the energy crisis

Can BLUETTI products be used to alleviate the energy crisis? Actually yes! Let’s see how and why

In recent years it has been introduced a wide range of power stations that have redefined the way to capture, store and redistribute renewable energy sources. In fact, they have become more popular and widely used in emergency situations, outdoor adventures, RV trips and other off-grid activities.

An investigation conducted by Uswitch comparison site revealed that many people are already late in paying their energy bills, with total debt three times higher than in September last year. Almost a quarter of families has an average debt of 206 eurosaccording to a survey of 2,000 people.

The energy bills have hit record highs and are expected to increase further during the winter. The time has come to find long-term solutions and support people who are struggling with the price of energy.

BLUETTI: some tips to alleviate the energy crisis

The new era of generators

The presence of solar generators gradually shifts the way people access green and clean energy. Compared to traditional generators powered by gas or fossil fuels, solar generators do not produce fumes, noise or other harmful emissions during operation.

Collecting sunlight through solar panels and converting it into storable electricity in batteries offers an economical solution to use a sustainable energy source and reduce the carbon footprint on our planet. Buying a solar generator can be expensive at first, but the free, unlimited supply of energy from the sun can pay off in the long run.

BLUETTI: some tips to alleviate the energy crisis

BLUETTI: the generators we recommend

BLUETTI EP500Pro, equipped with a 5,100 Wh LiFePO4 battery and a monstrous 3,000W pure sine wave AC inverter (peak of 6,000W), it is an amazing power station that can satisfy almost 99% of electrical appliances in an emergency for a few days. The built-in MPPT inverter allows you to recharge it from 0 to 80% in 2 hours with only sunlight!

Another solar generator that is about to arrive on the European market is the BLUETTI AC500 + B300S combination. Being the most powerful generator ever made by BLUETTI, AC500 is superior to all generators of this type on the market. It is 100% modular and compatible with 6 B300S expansion batteries to increase overall capacity up to 18.432 Whmaking it a solid source of safety power when and where it’s needed.

Users can operate high-power devices without problems thanks to the 5,000W inverter with pure sine wave (10,000W peak). If you still suffer from an energy crisis and high bills, BLUETTI AC500, a beast in the world of power stations, will surely give you a strong push towards energy independence. In fact, thanks to this product it will no longer be necessary to rely completely on the electricity grid and no longer have to worry about the lack of energy. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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