BMW è mobility partner della Superfast Charging Station all’aeroporto di Linate thumbnail

BMW is a mobility partner of the Superfast Charging Station at Linate Airport

The inauguration of the Superfast Charging Stationby Free To X e SEA con BMW Italy as an exclusive mobility partner. The station, the first of its kind at Linate airport, will allow the latest generation cars to be recharged at 300 kW. For the occasion, BMW Italia, in line with the event, brought its range of electric cars into place. These also include the BMW iX, BMW i4 and BMW iX3.

“It was a great honor to launch this extraordinary project,” he said Massimiliano Di Silvestre, President and CEO of BMW Italia. Together with Di Silvestre also mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Salathe Councilor for Infrastructure, Transport and Sustainable Mobility of the Lombardy Region, Claudia Maria Terzi and the top management of Free To X, SEA and Autostrade per l’Italia. “The Linate station is the concrete testimony of how projects can be quickly transformed into reality” continued Di Silvestre. “We are ready: by the end of the year we will have 19 electric models in production, because the time for change is now!”


How the Superfast Charging Station will work, inaugurated with the presence of BMW

The fast charging station is equipped with 5 Ultrafast columns of 300 kW. These are powered by 100% renewable energy, and represent the highest technological standard in terms of capacity and reliability currently available on the market. Each of the 5 columns is able to supply energy to a high-performance electric car in just 30 minutes.

The entire charging station is covered by shelters, and will be able to recharge 10 vehicles simultaneously. Active 24 hours a dayla Superfast Charging Station will accept all forms of payment con i principali Mobility Service Provider.

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