BMW Roma Urban Store presents a new customer experience

Una customer experience migliorata per il BMW Roma Urban Store thumbnail

The BMW showroom, located in via Barberini, features a renewed design and new technology to improve the customer experience.

BMW Roma Urban Store presents a new customer experience

A transition phase for the BMW Group, increasingly engaged in the technological transformation for circular sustainability. The main mission remains to focus its efforts on electric propulsion. In doing so, however, the Group also aims to improve its own user experience inside the showrooms.

Hence, within the BMW Roma in Via Barberini, theUrban Store of the brand. This is a pilot project worldwide marked by an evolution of the relationship with the customer. All of this leads to an approach that is much more focused on the customer experience.

The store is also the first case in the world of using the new logo BMW in the external insignia. Exclusively for the Urban Store in via Barberini, numerous advanced digital solutions have been implemented. Among these we find large led walls, video bands, 360 ° projections.

Urban Store best sums up the BMW Group’s determination to offer an omnichannel experience that integrates digital (for the part of searching for information or even first contact) and human relationships (direct experience, product explanation and test drive). For this reason, the r is included in the company’s strategyconstant search for moments to share with customers, where to transmit the passion and the bond with the brand.

Three guidelines include customer centrality, sustainability and brand experience. In this way, the BMW Group is projecting itself towards the future of retail in the automotive field: from the reception to the delivery of the car, the Brand is expressed in an integrated process, made up of suggestions, people and processes.