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BMW X2: the new features of the 2023 model

Let’s find out all the new features of the BMW X2 2023 model. All the details in this dedicated article

The BMW X2 is a car which, due to its characteristics, represented a turning point for the Bavarian company. This crossover SUV has now come to its end second generation, a truly renewed car which, alongside the coupé shapes, will also be accompanied by a series of significant innovations eagerly awaited by enthusiasts. The innovations planned for the new generation are important, for example the launch of the new 100% electric version, the BMW IX2. A full 5 years after the launch of the first generation of this SUV coupe with a strong personality, the BMW X2 is ready to renew itself and conquer enthusiasts with great ease of driving.

Anyone wishing to test the BMW X2 on the road can evaluate the long-term car rental service, a formula that does not expose you to the risk of extra costs or purchase constraints of any kind. Renting could also be a valid alternative to buying a new or used BMW X2/Km0. In the following paragraphs, we will try to highlight what are the probable novelties of the second generation of this SUV coupé made in Germany, which has all the cards on the table to leave a mark.

BMW X2: what new features are expected

The new restyling should above all change the front, which will become very similar to that of the X1. The grille, in particular, should widen in order to increase the dynamism of the car. There are also some changes to the front bumper, which should house new specific inserts and grilles. Furthermore, compared to the X1, the new BMW X2 will have a shorter rear overhang.

Many innovations are also planned for the look of the car, which will leave behind the gathered rear, in favor of a tail that will closely resemble the X4. An increase in size is also envisaged, which should go from the current 4360 mm in length to around 4500 mm, all to the advantage of greater habitability and space for luggage and passengers. Everything suggests that the new BMW X2 will also have a lot in common with another car in the BMW range: the X4a car compared to which it will be equipped with smaller dimensions.

BMW X2 interior and cockpit

The major changes for the new version of the BMW X2 will primarily concern the interior and passenger compartment of the car. To begin with, the driver will enjoy an extremely comfortable driving posture and easy access to all available functions. With the BMW X2 the interior and passenger compartment have been modified in a noteworthy way, but the news also concerned the software BMW iDrive which runs on an 8.8” touchscreen infotainment system with navigation. In addition, the Bavarian company has also added Android Auto to the list of standard features of the X2, making available the GoldPlay appearance package, which includes a variety of paint colors and 19-inch wheels. You can then count on a basic set of driver assistance systems which includes automated emergency braking.

Other important safety features in the new generation BMW X2 will be pedestrian recognition and autonomous emergency braking as standard, but there will also be standard lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control. The BMW iDrive software is perfect for running on an 8.8” touchscreen infotainment system with navigation. Clearly, for the BMW X2, the price and timing will vary based on various factors, which also take into account engines and trim levels. Overall, as far as the interior goes, there shouldn’t be too many surprises whatsoever. Everything suggests that there will be the BMW Curved Display, which integrates the large screens of the instrumentation and infotainment.

BMW X2: what are the engines

With the new generation BMW X2 you can count on a varied range of engines available. Specifically, petrol and diesel versions will be available in various forms of electrification and power. As it is easy to understand, for the BMW X2 price and engines will go hand in hand. The new car, however, will share most engines present in the price lists of the new X2 and 2 Series Active Tourer.

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