Bologna Game Farm: a new project for the development of the sector

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The new accelerator for the best emerging talents of the Emilia-Romagna video game industry is underway: it’s called Bologna Game Farm, the official announcement tomorrow 15 December.

Bologna Game Farm: to enhance the emerging talents of the video game industry

Is called Bologna Game Farm, and is a new and ambitious project for the development of the videogame sector promoted by the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Bologna. The initiative is coordinated by IncrediBOL! and ART-ER and created in collaboration with IIDEA, the Association of the video game industry, with the partnership of ACER.

The official announcement is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday 15 December 2021, at 3.00 pm at the Biagi Auditorium in Salaborsa in Bologna. During the event there will be the presentation of the video game prototypes that will participate in this new acceleration path starting in January. It will be a moment of meeting and analysis on the state of the videogame sector in Italy. A sector that, in our country, ranks as one of the most interesting areas of economic development within the creative industries.

Bologna Game Farm, was born in the wake of Cinecittà Game Hub From Rome. Both projects have the goal of encourage the strengthening of managerial and entrepreneurial skills in the sector. The initiative also aims to develop relationships between the videogame sector and the regional ecosystem, favoring the intersection with other sectors.

Four games have been selected

There are 4 companies in Emilia-Romagna selected through the Bologna Game Farm public call. These will benefit from a contribution from 30,000 euros each. Not only that: they will have the opportunity to participate in the Bologna acceleration pilot course coordinated by professionals in the sector active at national and international level. The target: fine-tune the product and develop an appropriate international marketing strategy.

The companies you select are:

  • Basket Party: developed by Fama Labs, is a team-based multiplayer mobile video game that blends combat mechanics with sports competitions. Each player will play a nice character, totally customizable both in appearance and abilities. This will have to engage in totally unpredictable 3 vs 3 team basketball competitions on colorful sports fields full of obstacles. The goal will be to steal the ball from the opponents in any way – there are no rules! – and make as many baskets as possible by exploiting and upgrading equipment that gives unique bonuses.
  • Flagship: created by the development studio Magari, is a puzzle adventure title designed for virtual reality devices. The player will have to observe the game world through the eyes of gigantic statues and guide the protagonist. This is an old hero hostage to the giants of the past. To win it will be necessary not only to solve the puzzles scattered around the map, but also to protect the hero from the enemies that will attack him.
  • Gladiator Wheels: designed by Dreambits Studio, is a racing game in which uniquely designed armored cars battle it out in frenetic and adrenaline-pumping clashes within medievalpunk settings. The player will have the opportunity to explore different cities, each with thematic arenas. Users will also be able to create custom arenas in which to challenge opponents in close-range or distance battles. Gladiator Wheels will offer many game modes, both singleplayer and multiplayer. It is also possible to play with a flying peripheral and with VR devices.
  • Spanky’s Bat-a-Swing: project presented by Green Flamingo, is a musical platform inspired by the iconography of the 1930s animation. The player will play Spanky, a bat with two speakers instead of ears, who will have to go into the city fighting and moving to the rhythm of the music. Spanky will find himself facing many challenges. Enemies and traps will try to stop him in his purpose: to be able to sleep in peace without anyone disturbing him!

Bologna Game Farm: an acceleration path in collaboration with ACER

The acceleration path includes the co-working residency at the ART-ER Serre. This is a space dedicated to innovative startups and hubs of the regional ecosystem to support business creation. The program will be coordinated by Ivan Venturi, and supported by tutors Luca Marchetti e Gianluca Marani. The involvement of national and international experts is also foreseen. The technical partnership is instead entrusted to ACER.

An official website has also been created regarding the project, which we invite you to visit.