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Boris 4 review: a highly anticipated and very successful return

Boris 4 marks the great return of the Italian custom-built: a very convincing revival, which celebrates the past, but also looks to the present

ORIGINAL TITLE: Boris 4. GENDER: Commedia. COUNTRY: Italia. REGIA: Luca Vendruscolo, Giacomo Ciarrapico. CAST: Francesco Pannofino, Alessandro Tiberi, Caterina Guzzanti, Carolina Crescentini, Pietro Sermonti, Antonio Catania, Ninni Bruschetta, Paolo Calabresi, Alberto Di Stasio, Luca Ambrosino, Carlo De Ruggieri, Valerio Aprea, Massimo De Lorenzo, Andrea Sartoretti. DURATION: 8 episodes. DISTRIBUTOR: Disney Plus. EXIT: October 26, 2022.

More than ten years after the third season, the legendary Boris returns with a revival produced by Disney Plus that brings together the director’s troupe René Ferretti in a new production. A highly anticipated series by the spectators, eager to see all the characters that have made the Italian custom-built iconic. Boris 4 consists of eight episodes, all lasting about half an hour, and sees the return of the cast of the three seasons almost complete. Lacks Roberta Fiorentini, the legendary Itala, who passed away in October 2019 after a long illness. The entire season is instead dedicated to Mattia Torre, one of the three original screenwriters, who also passed away in 2019 and duly honored within the series through the character of Valerio Aprea.

Boris 4: the plot

As mentioned, in the fourth season of Boris we find the troupe, almost complete, of The eyes of the heart. René Ferretti is at the helm of an ambitious international project concerning the life of Jesus and after some problems he finds himself having to work again with the staff with whom he signed Gliocchi del cuore. Many things, however, have changed since the time: Stanis and Corinna are now husband and wife and together they want to take over the lead of the project, while Alessandro, the exploited intern of the first seasons, is now the supervisor for the international platform that must produce the new series by Renè.

Boris 4: it trailer

A touching and fun return

It was long awaited, and we must say that Boris 4 has definitely not disappointed expectations. The custom-built is back with all its irreverent chargebringing back old patterns on stage, but also introducing new dynamics that made this fourth season fresh and current. This revival is not a simple blast from the past, but Boris 4 knows how to maintain the balance between the homage to previous seasons and novelties to be discovered. In particular, the new season of the series distributed by Disney Plus shows itself in step with the times by introducing a whole series of issues related to working with a international platformelements that enrich the story and give inspiration for sketches and reflections.

Not just laughter, because Boris 4 also knows how to give his own touching moments. From Itala’s funeral to the presence of Valerio Aprea as a ghost in honor of the late Mattia Torre: Boris confirms herself as spontaneous and delicate, a gift for all the fans who have waited patiently and have been duly reciprocated. The cast of the first three seasons is back almost complete and we can again admire the outbursts of Renè, the rants of Stanis, the delusions of Mariano and all those elements that have made Boris an iconic series.

This fourth season was expected with a mixture of trepidation and fear from the fans, curious to find out how Boris would adapt to the times and new and above all he would keep all his unmistakable charge. The eight episodes that make up revivals have confirmed that Boris is simply a series onlya real page in the history of Italian television.

A slap-up finish

The wait, therefore, has been rewarded. Boris 4 gives us a finale probably better than both the third season and the film, an epilogue that puts everything back in the right place and above all honors the legendary Renè Ferretti, who finally gets what, after all, he has always wanted. The good performance of this revival was far from obvious, and instead the final result was decidedly positive. Boris 4 is great gift for all fans and a demonstration that in Italy, in the words of Renè, “another television is possible”. In recent years we have been realizing it, with local productions that have definitely raised their level, and Boris was among the first to do so, confirming even more than ten years later as one of the best serial products ever made in Italy.

Points in favor

  • More than a revival: Boris 4 does not just pay homage to previous seasons, but also introduces new themes that are very well addressed
  • After more than ten years, the series does not lose all its charge and gives us other unforgettable moments
  • The perfect closure for one of the best Italian series ever

Points against

  • No downsides to report

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