Bosch: a broader portfolio of hydrogen mobility products

Bosch: un portfolio più ampio di prodotti per la mobilità a idrogeno thumbnail

Bosch has expanded its portfolio of hydrogen mobility products by adding components for storage systems, such as valves or tank pressure regulators. To this end, the technology and service provider has entered into a technological partnership with the Italian company OMB Saleri, thanks to which the products will be further developed. “In the race to achieve climate neutrality, hydrogen is an important element of the propulsion system mix of the future,” said Uwe Gackstatter, president of the Bosch Powertrain Solutions division. “The collaboration with OMB Saleri will allow us to offer components for hydrogen tanks for mass production. “

The target is the global market for hydrogen refueling solutions
The demand for hydrogen-powered propulsion systems will grow strongly in the coming years, especially for commercial vehicles. Bosch predicts that, by 2030, around one in eight of new commercial vehicles registered worldwide will be powered by the fuel cell. With the agreement signed, Bosch and OMB Saleri will play a leading role in the supply of components for hydrogen refueling systems. Their collaboration includes an agreement for the licensing and development of various products related to hydrogen storage solutions at pressures between 350 and 700 bar. Both sides’ engineering teams will wash to further develop existing products with the aim of optimizing them for mass production.

The experience of Bosch and OMB Saleri together
This collaboration combines the know-how of the two partners. The Italian technology company OMB Saleri, based in Brescia, is considered one of the world’s leading experts in components for hydrogen storage solutions. As a partner, Bosch will benefit from engineering expertise, a modern H2 test and test rig infrastructure and components that have already proven their worth in initial applications. In return, Bosch will bring its expertise in marketing innovative products, as well as a global development and high-volume manufacturing network.

Bosch works on mobile and stationary fuel cells
Bosch believes that hydrogen has a secure future as an energy carrier and is investing heavily in this area. Between this year and 2024, the company will invest a total of approximately 600 million euros in fuel cell applications for mobility and another 400 million euros in stationary applications for the generation of electricity and heat. The vehicle portfolio ranges from single sensors to essential components such as the electric compressor and batteries to complete fuel cell modules.