Bosch Maserati Grecale adopts the technologies of the German manufacturer

Per il SUV Grecale, Maserati si affida alla tecnologia Bosch thumbnail

The close collaboration between Bosch and Maserati continues, which has chosen the German manufacturer as a technological partner for its new Grecale model. In this case, Bosch took care of providing components and technologies for safety, comfort and powertrains.

More specifically, to facilitate maneuverability and ensure safe parking and comfortable, the new Maserati Grecale is available, in the entry level version, with a system Park Pilot (equipped with a control unit and 10 ultrasonic sensors) while in the high-range versions it is equipped with a multi-chamber system Surround View 2D, both produced by Bosch.

The cameras allow the driver to have a 360 ° overview durandriving maneuvers, while sensors calculate the distances from obstacles and monitor the space during parking and maneuvering. In addition, the ultrasonic sensors that both systems are equipped with allow Maserati Grecale to perform emergency braking in reverse while parking.

Furthermore, the ultrasonic sensors supplied in both systems allow the Grecale to perform emergency braking in reverse when parking, thanks to the Bosch Mitigation emergency braking system.

The top of Bosch technologies for the Maserati Grecale

For driver safety and comfort it was installed the new 12.3-inch full TFT color digital cluster. Through this high-resolution graphic display with a slim design, information is displayed according to the specific driving situation and the needs of the driver who can access the desired functions via a customized user interface. Among the possibilities, the driver can opt for detailed information on the current journey, the navigation map, telephone contacts or details of the playlist being played. Every single piece of information can be viewed in full screen or in combination with other content.

For versions 2.0 and 3.0 turbo Bosch provides an electronic engine control unitwhich ensures high performance while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

For the 48V hybrid version, Bosch supplies the main components of the powertraina technology package that helps improve performance and reduce CO2 emissions through energy recovery during deceleration and optimized use of the electric motor for thermal support. The 48 V DC / DC converter also converts electrical power from 48 V to 12 V, allowing you to power the rest of the vehicle’s electrical devices. Furthermore, it guarantees excellent efficiency aimed at avoiding energy dispersion.