Bosch presents the new 8 Series washers and dryers, between well-being and sustainability

Bosch presenta le nuove lavatrici e asciugatrici Serie 8, tra benessere e sostenibilità thumbnail

Bosch is the brand that has always been involved in the production of household appliances equipped with technologies that simplify daily life by paying attention to the waste of resources. Presents the new range of 8 Series washers and dryers, appliances with an avant-garde, refined and elegant design. It has new features dedicated to well-being and a sustainable lifestyle.

The new range of Bosch 8 Series washing machines and dryers: the technical characteristics

First of all the energy efficiency which in the new washing machines exceeds the maximum energy efficiency class A by 20%. The excellent optimization of the washing parameters, the motore Eco Silence Drive and the effective spraying system 4DWSin fact guarantee highly efficient washing and perfect results.

Thanks to technology i-DOS the new Series 8 washing machines automatically and accurately dose the amount of detergent and fabric softener required for washing. It takes into account the type and volume of the laundry, the degree of soiling and the hardness of the water. i-DOS allows you to save water and up to 38% of detergent.

The washing machines

The new 8 Series of Bosch washing machines it also presents new washing programs that adapt the most modern technologies to everyone’s daily life and needs. Among them is the program Iron Assist, which treats dry and wrinkled garments with delicate steam, reducing creases by up to 50%. With the program Hygiene Plusthe washing machine keeps the water temperature constant throughout the wash cycle.

It intensifies rinsing, guaranteeing the elimination of germs and bacteria up to 99.99% already at 40°C. While the Anti Stain Plus System effectively removes up to 16 stubborn stains without the need to treat by hand or with chemical additives.

With the’Mini optionfinally, when you want to wash single garments or small loads of up to 0.5 kg, the washing machine sets the correct parameters to adjust the washing time and the use of resources to the mini load introduced, thus reducing waste to a minimum and saving money up to 40% energy. The intelligence of Bosch home appliances is therefore once again put at the service of sustainability.

The dryers

And to obtain perfectly clean and dry laundry, the new ones also arrive Series 8 dryers with the maximum energy efficiency class A+++ and with self-cleaning condenser which automatically removes fluff from the condenser and guarantees maximum efficiency throughout the life cycle of the appliance. For increasingly soft and iron-proof garments there is a program Iron Assistwhere the steam penetrates the fabrics, stretching the fibers and facilitating ironing or eliminating it altogether.

Furthermore, thanks to the connectivity of Bosch appliances and al programma Smart Drythe dryer communicates directly with the washing machine to receive all the parameters of the washing program that has just ended and independently set the most suitable drying programme.

The new Bosch 8 Series smart washers and dryers fit perfectly into a connected lifestyle thanks to theApp Home Connectwhich offers additional programs as well as constant software updates.