BRAUN: here are the latest incredible news

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BRAUN enhances range of all-in-one beard trimmers and trimmers by launching new body shavers

The iconic design brand Braun, renews e wide the portfolio of beard trimming and trimming devices, with beard trimmer e finishers all-in-one improvede quattro new products designed specifically for the shaving of the body. The new range of all-in-one beard trimmers and trimmers is even more fastmore sharp it’s more efficient. Offering superior precision at every angle, while the all-new body razors are engineered with technology SkinShieldgentle on the skin even in the most sensitive areas.

BRAUN: here are the latest incredible news

All-in-one beard and trimmer: here are the improvements

  • Enhanced blade and comb enhancements deliver a sharper, faster and more efficient shaving session
  • The cutting area increased by 13%
  • The improvements in the geometry of the tip of the blade reduce the likelihood of not catching hair with each stroke. Capture and trim more hair with each stroke
  • The optimized geometry of the comb facilitates the flow of the hairs towards the blade, for a better cutting performance.

BRAUN: here are the latest incredible news

Body shaving: here are the four new tools

  • Introduction of a new razor specially designed for shaving the body, gentle on the skin even in sensitive areas.
  • The combs for sensitive areas of the body prevent the skin from coming into direct contact with the blades.
  • The teeth of the SkinShield razor blade are closer together, creating less potential for skin swelling. This increases comfort and reduces the risk of cuts.
  • Shaving even in the most sensitive areas, without cuts and scratches.

BRAUN: here are the latest incredible news

BRAUN: here are the statements of Benjamin Wilson and Gaby Delgado

Benjamin Wilsondirector Design & Technology Communications of Braun, he stated

With the new line of body and facial hair adjustment or trimming products, Braun provides tools that deliver the durability men expect, along with flexibility and precision, to create the look they want when they want. These latest improvements increase the speed and efficiency of shaving, while still delivering the comfort that Braun is known for.

Gaby Delgadoresponsible Consumer Analytics and Insights of Braun states

Gen Z leads a smooth and fast life, with multi-identity and four-dimensional, so our tools are designed for any life they want to live. Sharper, faster and more efficient thanks to our wider cutting area and advanced combs; Gentle enough to be used for the whole body, even in sensitive areas, thanks to the SkinShield body-first blade, all this means that the user can have the precision and control they need. So whether it’s a budding entrepreneur on Monday mornings, a football coach on Tuesday evenings or a street performer on the weekend, each has their own style that the Braun range can get them, because they are designed for that. that matters most to you.

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