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Braun horoscope: for each zodiac sign its own beard style

Braun celebrates the new year with a nice horoscope in which it associates a beard care product with each sign, let’s find out

Between lists of good resolutions and new challenges, the beginning of the new year also brings with it the traditional “peek” at Braun’s horoscope, believe it or not, even just out of curiosity. The zodiac signs, in fact, reveal a little of ours character and some a thousand faces of our personality and in defining our own style, among the various facets that characterize each of us and the trends to interpret, the moment we are born can help us define our style.

Whether it’s a thick or sparse beard, defined or unkempt, with moustache o goatee, the important thing, however, is to take care of it regularly and always have them with you taste tools, thanks to technology and the cutting-edge design of the devices of the German company.

Braun horoscope, the strong style of fire signs with the Series 9 Pro: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Fire signs are impetuous, passionate people who hardly bend to the rules. By hand dare and make the feel own voice.

The signs that belong to this element are passionate and energetic, have great enthusiasm and live every moment of the day to the fullest. They face life with dynamicity and I’m always in movement. Those born under the sign of fire are very attentive to novelties, are attracted by the right care products and the latest trends in beard fashion. There ideal beard of those belonging to this sign it is a few days beard, left deliberately uncultivated and a little’ wild, but who will be able to amaze for an important occasion, with a well-kept beard or an impeccable shave.

Braun horoscope: for each zodiac sign its own beard style

And precisely to cope with this duality and take care of one’s determined and strong style, the ideal Braun device is Braun Series 9 Pro.

The Braun X-Series for accuracy and reliability in earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

People who belong to earth signs are reliable, cutlery, incredibly practices and often they don’t take much risk. They love organization and are always looking for new confirmations. Perceived as faithful and solid, those belonging to earth signs amaze for self-irony e sagacity and for their sharp intelligence paired with a willpower that takes them far. Those belonging to this sign have a password: refinement. That it is super defined, uncultivated o bushy, your style will always be sought after and informed to have impeccable results.

Braun horoscope: for each zodiac sign its own beard style

The perfect device for “earthly” signs is the Braun Series X with its single blade with 4D technology, which has two central cutting zones and two lateral finishing zones to trim, trim and shave the beard with precision and control.

Braun horoscope: the 7 series for the curiosity of the air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Those belonging to the air signs are brilliant, thinkers, at ease with abstract concepts, but who love to analyze, synthesize e investigation. The zodiac signs belonging to this element stand out in communication e in intellect, they love social exchanges and are gifted with fervent curiosity which leads them to always learn new things and devote their attention to everything around them. Those born under the air sign are fond of those types of beard that allow them to vary and play, defining the contours with a trimmer and playing with shapes.

Braun horoscope: for each zodiac sign its own beard style

The right device to experiment with new styles and vary is the Braun Series 7 which guarantees constant contact with the skin, adapting to the contours of the total he was born in neck and reaching even the most areas difficult for a close shave

Playing with water sign creativity with the Braun MGK 7: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

People who belong to water signs are intuitive, sensitive, able to try very strong emotions and are often guided by their own feelings rather than logic and reasoning. Those with the sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces have an incredible imagination: they often choose to live in an imaginary world that exists only in their own mind, avoiding reality. Able to deeply perceive the energies that surround them, these signs are endowed with great compassion and extraordinary intuition. The beard styles for the “water” man are characterized by creativity: designed beards that alternate with free and casual beards.

Braun horoscope: for each zodiac sign its own beard style

That’s why with the Braun MGK 7il kit of shaving all-in-one Of Braun, even sharper, faster and more efficient, is the device per excellence which offers the best of multifunctionality and versatility to recreate any style.

Braun horoscope, how did it go?

Here is the conclusion of the horoscope. What do you think of all these products Braun? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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