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Braun: Is hair removal really free from prejudices and social conventions?

Braun, with the contribution of the psychologist Ilaria Albano, returns to investigate personal choices in terms of hair removal in correlation to a more authentic self-expression

In a reality where we are often surrounded by images that follow the standards and where social networks often dictate the standards of beauty, expressing yourself becomes increasingly complicated. Taking off the filters and showing one’s most authentic identity today represents a real act of courage and awareness.

Braun: Is hair removal really free from prejudices and social conventions?

Let’s go into the details of this investigation

In this context, it fits Braun, leader and innovator of the hair removal industryalways attentive to the issue and listening to the consumer regarding their needs and requirements, and does so by investigating more deeply the issue of hair removal from a psychological point of view in relation to self-expression and the underlying motivations of any choice with respect to this topic.

This investigation started from a research on the relationship of Italian women with the depilation carried out by theEumetra Institute of Social Research and Marketing and thanks to the contribution of psychologist Ilaria Albanoan expert in well-being, scientific dissemination and empowerment who commented on the data.

It is noted that one of the main aspects that still emerges in women today is the give up due to hair to significant activities such as Go to the doctor (1 in 4 women do it) or have intimate relationships (over 1 in 5). In fact, the sample interviewed states that they perceive hair removal as an imposition per se or social expectationand this is also recorded in the group of respondents who consider it a beauty routine or pampering.

Give one psychological point of view, explains Dr. Albano, when we force ourselves to do something out of obligation, starting from the relationship with food, with sport, with everything that goes from being pleasant to being mandatory, we are losing sight of our dimension of pleasure. This charges the person with a strong sense of inadequacy and frustration, generating a feeling of shame from which renunciation arises. Inevitably, this interferes with the possibility of living in harmony with one’s body.

Another particularly important aspect concerns the evidence that comes to us from the representative sample of the LGBTQIA+ community, which seems to experience its relationship with hair in a less conflictual way. 7% of those interviewed choose not to resort to hair removal practicescompared to 1% of the total sample, and furthermore 55% declare that self-confidence does not depend on hair removal (compared to 29% of the base sample). Also in relationship with the partner, 46% do not worry about the presence of hair (compared to 26% of the total sample). The psychologist Ilaria Albano clarifies that the greater awareness of self expressed by the LGBTQIA+ community was born from the need to get in touch with one’s body and immediately establish a more attentive and conscious dialogue.

From the research emerge a series of signs that underline a slight change culture with respect to the topic of hair removal. 36% declare that the acceptance of the woman who chooses not to shave is on the increase, but there is still room for growth regarding the naturalization of this phenomenon: just think that, when it comes to intimate hair removal, only 16% of respondents believe that it is acceptable not to shave the bikini area.

According to the psychologist, intimate hair removal touches the psychological sphere of choices, as it is deeply linked and intrinsically connected to the sexual and intimate sphere of the individual. It is therefore important to be able to guarantee freedom of choice by depriving oneself of judgements.

On the other hand, the concept of free self-expression with respect to hair removal seems to be on the rise male spherewhere the perception that it is a growing habit concerns 84% ​​of the interviewees.

“The data collected suggests that today there are encouraging signs with respect to greater freedom in the choice of hair removal. – he comments Ilaria Albano – “Over time people have acquired greater awareness and self-esteem, thanks to the promotion of an authentic self-image and beyond the imposed standards of beauty. Everyone can be increasingly free to choose in relation to their body and hair. Because every body has its own story and we must respect it, with tolerance.”

“At Braun we believe that hair removal is a free choice, and that everyone can approach this practice according to their needs and requirements if they wish. We start from listening and from the needs to innovate our products in order to satisfy the needs and give an increasingly simpler and safer hair removal experience at home. In particular, for years we have been studying how to improve the effectiveness of our products to offer hair removal that adapts to everyone’s needs, in order to reduce the feeling of negativity associated with hair removal. However, great strides must be made so that hair removal is experienced completely as a personal choice without collective expectations or judgements.” – he comments Santi Falco, Senior Brand Manager Braun Italia.

Braun: Is hair removal really free from prejudices and social conventions?

Braun devices for epilation, Silk Expert Pro 5

Il Silk expert Pro 5 And the pulsed light epilator for the permanent removal of visible hair, fast, efficient and gentle on the skin.

The sensor Skin Pro 2.0 continuously detects skin tone to adapt light intensity to skin tone for maximum safety. While the short intervals between the light pulses allow the lower part of both legs to be treated in just 5 minutes and with two different methods of use, fast and precise scrolling they adapt the treatment to use in different areas of the body and face.

This pulsed light guarantees up to a year of smooth skin with visible results in just 3 weeks, moreover, thanks to an additional precision head, the Braun Silk expert Pro 5 is designed to be able to treat all areas with precision, even those of small size or hard to reach areas such as the upper lip, underarms or bikini area.

Braun: Is hair removal really free from prejudices and social conventions?

Silk-Epil 9 Flex

Il Silk-Epil 9 Flex it is the first epilator in the world with a completely flexible head able to adapt perfectly to the curves of the body and thus to reach even the most difficult points in the best possible way.

Another important revolution by Braun, which has always been synonymous with technology, innovation and design. Furthermore, the tweezers are equipped with MicroGrip technology which allows for a greater level of precision, capturing hair 3 times shorter than waxing – up to 0.5 mm – and leaving the skin smooth for weeks. Braun Silk-épil 9 Flex is also practical to use in the comfort of your own home, even in the shower.

Braun: Is hair removal really free from prejudices and social conventions?

Face Spa Pro

Braun Face Spa Pro and the first 3 in 1 device for epilation, the cleaning e skin toning: a real beauty salon directly at home.

The product offers a new ergonomic design, equipped with an epilation head, a facial cleansing brush and a micro-vibrating head. Inspired by Japanese skin care treatments, the toning micro-vibrating non-absorbent metal head releases delicate micro-pressures that allow for better application of creams and serums and give a pleasant sensation of freshness.

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