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Braun unveils new line of stylers and body shavers

Braun launches new innovative solutions for men’s shaving and grooming, introducing a new product range of stylers and body shavers. These are the new beard trimmer lines Beard Trimmers, All-In-One Trimmers, Body Groomer and Series X body shavers. Here are all the details.

Braun announces new stylers and body shavers

The new Braun products are designed for those who want to take care of own look with precision, quality and durability. The new Braun BT Series 9 beard trimmer is the new precision model for the face for men, which offers a fast and comfortable shave thanks to its innovative features. The ProBlade blades have a cutting angle of 48°. Which makes them 35% sharper than traditional blades with a 66° angle. And they allow you to cut even the most difficult hairs without moving them or irritating the skin.

The heads ProCountour e ProDetails they are interchangeable and allow you to trim and define the contours of your beard with greater precision and control. Technology AutoSense adapts the power of the motor according to the density of the beard, ensuring a uniform and professional finish. It has a lithium battery which lasts up to 180 minutesyou after a one-hour charge and can also be used in the shower, being 100% waterproof. The pack also includes two combs for beard and hair shading, a curved ruler for perfect contours, a charging base and a soft case.

Razors and stylers for every need

The trimmer Braun All-In-One 7 it is the ideal product for those looking for a perfect shave in every situation. Thanks to the new ProBlade blade, with a 48° angle and increased sharpness, the trimmer offers a faster and closer shave, even in the most difficult areas. Technology AutoSense adapts the power to the density of the beard, for an optimal result on every type of hair. The pack is made in 100% cardboard recyclable and has a modern and elegant design.

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For those who want an impeccable body shave, Braun offers the Body Groomer 5 razor, which integrates the new Foil head for a closer and more complete shave. The shaver has a battery that lasts up to 100 minutes and requires fewer refills, saving energy. The Body Groomer 5 is designed for shaving the body and ensures smooth and soft skin.

For those looking for a beard trimmer with nose and ear trimmer, the model Braun Series XT5 is ideal. This device has a lama 4D with twice the cutting area and wider holes, catching more hair in fewer strokes.

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