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Industrial, modern and super-technological PCs: which one to choose?

How to choose the best industrial PCs on the market? Let’s find out the details and some advice to always make the right choice in this area

For a company – especially nowadays – it is certainly necessary to be able to count on the reliability, power and performance of a good industrial PC. When we talk about industrial PCs we immediately think of components assembled and shipped overseas which therefore do not offer simple and immediate purchase and assistance options. In Italy there is a reality that deals with the production, sale and assistance in the field of industrial PCs: Kimera Computers.

The advantages of choosing a Kimera Computers industrial PC

Kimera Computers is the first brand that produces, sells and provides assistance in the field of industrial PCs with machines 100% made in Italy. The computers offered by this Padua-based company have all the characteristics to ensure top-level performance even over the years. When a company needs these machines, it usually encounters various difficulties in the purchasing process and beyond:

  • computers are shipped from overseas countries especially from Asia: this factor implies very long waiting times for delivery for the buyer which can last for weeks;
  • choosing a product from abroad often implies difficulties in finding adequate customer assistance due to the language and the time zone;
  • if a computer coming from abroad has a breakdown, repair times are very long and it is often necessary to send the machine back to the manufacturer;
  • these machines are not readily available: they are not computers that can be bought lightly online.
  • Each of these problems causes significant slowdowns within every company that suddenly finds itself without a computer to work with: think of the data that could be lost and the difficulties that can cause an immediate stop to work.

    And industrial PC is often employed in conditions of strong operative stress in sectors that require speed, reliability and robustness such as hospitals, production or telecommunications. We are talking about environments that are often not suitable for mediocre machines because they are subject to humidity, heat, temperature changes or dust that destroy the machine body of a PC in a few months. Then there is the big flaw linked to thepost purchase assistance which risks compromising the efficiency of entire company departments. Kimera Computers was created to overcome these problems by producing industrial PCs of the highest quality 100% made in Italy.

    Each machine is:

    • provided with CE marking: compliance with the safety requirements established by the applicable Community directives or regulations;
    • equipped with 3 year guarantee instead of 2 like other computers: during these years no worries about returns or breakdowns because the company will personally take charge of every expense in terms of load and management;
    • equipped with a FANLESS system: no fans or vents for silent PCs that run no risk of infiltration of dust, humidity or dirt without slowing down their performance.

    Everything is fine PC industriale Kimera Computers it is produced and shipped from Italy therefore it is possible to guarantee short delivery times from 3 to 5 working days. Assistance will be simple and immediate and no company will ever find itself without a computer for weeks as happens when purchasing from abroad. Kimera Computer is so sure of the proposed performances that it offers one great additional guarantee: it is possible to try the computer for free for 15 days and if this does not meet the customer’s expectations, the PC will be collected by the company at no additional cost for the buyer.

    This solution comes directly from the founder of the company, Matteo Pinato, which with Kimera Computers promises a reduction in delivery times of over 93%. Every company that needs a performing and safe machine body should rely on Kimera Computers, a serious company with optimal service for each customer.

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