Brawlhalla: the crossover with Street Fighter is coming

Brawlhalla: in arrivo il crossover con Street Fighter thumbnail

Ubisoft in collaboration with Capcom, just revealed that the warriors Ryu, Chun-Li and Akuma on Street Fighter are now available for a crossover in Brawlhalla. The characters will be the protagonists of an in-game event that includes the new Baruffa in the street mode; in which it will be possible to fight just like in a fighting game, with the health bar showing who will be the first to fall in this 2D setting.

Brawlhalla collaborates with Street Fighter

Many innovations introduced by this new collaboration, starting from new KO effect which will be inspired by that of Street Fighter, together with the new ones Emote Podio e Satsui no Hado, to claim the perfect ending. A new 1v1 map based on Suzaku Castle has also been added and four new avatars including Zangief, the Shadaloo symbol, a Hadoken and an animated avatar showing the 90 ° fist.

Fall for the glory of these Street Fighter crossovers:

  • Ryu –Epic Crossover for Petra – Ryu always tries to fight with the strongest opponent to improve himself. Many of his iconic techniques have been implemented in Brawlhalla: Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, Shoryuken and Hadoken.
  • Chun-Li –Epic Crossover for Wu Shang – The strongest woman in the world is sure to teach her opponents various ways on how to get kicked. He brings his own techniques into Brawlhalla, such as Spinning Bird Kick and Kikosho.
  • Akuma – Epic Crossover for Val – Focused on defending the gods, the master of the fist is ready to literally tear them apart. He achieves ultimate power with his techs Tatsumaki Zankukyaku and Zanku Hadoken, among others.

All items are purchasable and playable even after the end of the event, as well as the game mode and the exclusive map.

Developed by Blue Mammoth, Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game involving more than 70 million players in a fight for glory in Valhalla. Choosing from over 50 different characters, you can try your hand at single player and cooperative modes, as well as choose from various online and local competitions. Brawlhalla also supports cross-platform play between Xbox One devices, including Xbox One X, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, PC, iOS and Android devices where you can join custom games and take part in the online matchmaking all together.