GIGABYTE UD: the new series of power supplies

In new GIGABYTE UD (Ultra Durable) power supplies they are not only powerful and efficient, but also beautiful to look at

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY, a leading manufacturer of premium gaming hardware, today announced the new UD series power supplies – UD1000GM, UD850GM and UD750GM. The UD power supply series inherits the spirit of GIGABYTE Ultra Durable product design, introducing a variety of high quality materials and solutions. Ultra durable design combines high quality Japanese main capacitors, advanced thermal design, fan with 120mm Intelligent Hydraulic Bearings (HYB) and six circuit protection systems. They provide users with stable and high quality power and can be used for a long time. In addition, the three UD power supplies also have features certificate 80 PLUS Gold, a fully modular design, s+ 12V single rail system and a compact structure. They are the best choice for high-end gamers and overclockers.

GIGABYTE UD: the new series of power supplies

GIGABYTE UD: between efficiency and design

The main features of the three UD series power supplies are high quality Japanese main capacitors, advanced thermal design, 120mm intelligent hydraulic bearing (HYB) fan and six circuit protection systems. THE main capacitors are made in Japan and the service life is more than 4 times that of conventional capacitors. Advanced thermal technology is based on a heatsink that is 200% or more larger than the standard which optimizes airflow. The performance of heat dissipation is increased by more than 10%, which extends the life cycle of components. The service life of the 12cm hydraulic bearing fan is 1.4 times longer than those with traditional sleeve bearing. The fan will stop rotating, in standby mode or when energy consumption is less than 20%, thus extending its lifespan. In addition, the UD power supply series also has OVP / OPP / SCP / UVP / OCP / OTP circuit protection systems, so that users can use them with confidence for a long time.

GIGABYTE UD: the new series of power supplies

Technical specifications

The three UD series power supplies have achieved 80 PLUS Gold certification, achieving over 90% energy efficiency, allowing gamers to save significantly on their electricity bills and enjoy a stable power source. The single + 12V rail design allows users to use them without having to pre-configure the power distribution. The fully modular design allows you to install only the cables you need, making the whole system cleaner and allowing for better heat dissipation. Each power supply is equipped with several PCIe 6 + 2pin connectors to support high-powered graphics cards. Furthermore, two 4 + 4pin CPU connectors to fully support mid to high-end motherboards. Furthermore, GIGABYTE has improved the previous design of the whole circuit and adopted high quality materials to ensure that the power supply that previously had ua length of 16 cm or even 18 cm, has shrunk considerably to a size of 14 cm. So that not only is there more space to increase the airflow in the chassis, but it can also be installed much more easily in different case models.

GIGABYTE has launched the UD series power supplies in the variety of power options from 1000 watts, 850 watts and 750 watts to meet the needs of high-end gamers and overclockers, achieve better energy efficiency, and provide stable power. In addition, the UD series power supplies inherit the GIGABYTE Ultra Durable product design concept, which can provide stable and high-quality power, allowing users to enjoy an excellent gaming experience with peace of mind. It is the best choice for assembling computer systems.

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