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Breaking Bad: where to see one of the best TV series in history

You will surely have heard of Walter White, a character who has now become an icon of pop culture. Well, this character is the protagonist of one of the best TV series ever created in the history of cinema. We are talking about Breaking Bad and here you will find out where to see the very famous series acclaimed by critics and the public

Never heard of Breaking Bad it’s a truly impossible thing, also because a spin-off series was born from this, Better Call Saul, which ended almost two years ago. The entire Breaking Bad universe revolves around the legend of one of the greatest characters in the history of television, Walter Whitecharacter played by Bryan Cranston and created by the brilliant mind of Vince Gilligan. Gilligan created one of the greatest television universes the world has ever seen and which millions of viewers fell in love with. If you’ve never heard of this universe, we’re sorry to tell you, but you lived in a cave. If, however, you have always heard about it and have always been curious to see it, then you are in the right place. Here you will find out where to watch Breaking Bad, one of the best TV series in history.

Netflix | Breaking Bad: where to see one of the best TV series in history

Let’s start by saying that this is one of the most beloved TV series in history. The reason is very simple and we can answer with just one name: Walter White. The protagonist of the series is one of the most iconic characters. The story revolves around him, a high school chemistry teacher who suddenly discovers he has lung cancer. One day, when he meets his former student and drug addict, Jesse Pinkman, discovers the existence of a drug, and the possibility of earning money from it. With the collaboration with her former student, she will be able to create a drug empire and will face formidable and dangerous opponents. This new lifestyle of Walter White will then lead him to have continuous conflicts with his family and, in particular, with his wife Skyler. The series has become famous precisely for the evolution of the protagonist, who goes from being a poor chemistry professor to a drug kingpin. The TV series is available on Netflix.

Come vedere Breaking Bad su Netflix

To watch Breaking Bad on Netflix you need a subscription. Go to the official Netflix website and click on “start”. Consider that there are three subscription plans. There is thesubscription standard with advertisingwhich you can find at the price of 5.49 euros per monthwith which you can watch films and TV series but with advertising breaks, on a single device. Then there is thestandard subscription without advertisingat the price of 12.99 euros per monthwith which you can watch films and TV series a HD resolution come on 2 devices at the same time and you can download movies and TV series. Finally there is thePremium subscription at the modest sum of 17.99 euros per monthwith which you watch films and TV series on 4KUHD which you can also download and more on 4 devices simultaneously.

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