Bride of Frankenstein project canceled by Netflix

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It appears that Bride of Frankenstein will no longer be bought by Netflix, which has canceled the project from its schedule

Bride of Frankenstein (The Bride in the original) will no longer be produced by Netflix: the streaming giant has in fact decided to give up production of the remake with Christian Bale and Penélope Cruz, directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal. If so at the beginning of August the news had appeared that the boss of the 1935 remake of Bride of Frankenstein there would have been Maggie Gyllenhaal and that the production of the film would have been entrusted to Netflix, today there is a sharp denial.

The film should have revived one of Universal’s monsters, the bride of Frankenstein, and for the part of the protagonist it was thought of Penelope Cruzflanked by Christian Bale for the role of Doctor Frankenstein. According to some, the reasons that would have prompted Netflix to abandon the project depend on the strike of screenwriters and actors, currently underway.

Bride of Frankenstein project canceled by Netflix

The remake of Bride of Frankenstein canceled from the Netflix agenda

For the remake, Netflix had initially set aside a budget of $80 million and filming should have started in the first months of 2024. Given the exit of the streaming giant from the project, it is appropriate to assume that the film will remain on standby for the moment, waiting to find new producers. The one between Netflix and Gyllenhaal would have been the second collaboration after the adaptation of the novel by Elena Ferrante The dark daughter, with Olivia Colman and Dakota Johnson.

The Gyllenhaal-directed remake was also not the only one in the works: even with Guillermo del Toro, in fact, Netflix would have formed a partnership to give life to the personal adaptation of Frankenstein. A job to which del Toro has dedicated himself for many years and which sees protagonists Mia GothOscar Isaac e Andrew Garfield. Given the similarity between the two works, although the plot, direction and cast will give rise to two completely different results, it is possible that Netflix has decided to concentrate its energies on the more captivating title, also given the enormous success that del Toro’s works, from his Pinocchiowinner of multiple awards, to the Cabinet of Curiosities anthology series, led to the platform.

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