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Brown Dust 2 shows itself with a new trailer!

In the past few hours, NEOWIZ has shown the upcoming Brown Dust 2 with a new, interesting trailer: let’s get to know the four protagonists a little better

With the ever-expanding mobile market, it is obvious that titles developed for iOS and Android are also gradually improving, expanding and deepening. After the good times of Snake, now on mobile we can also play, among many others, Genshin Impact. In the past few hours, for example, NEOWIZ, a company that has often collaborated with large companies for the online sectors (with Electronic Arts for NBA Street, FIFA and Battlefield, for example), has shown a new trailer for the sequel to Brave Nine, a highly appreciated RPG turn-based available for some time on mobile. Brown Dust 2, this is the title of the new iteration, brings four protagonists and completely different themes to the stageranging from Fantasy High School, to the Post-Apocalyptic, passing through the naked and raw Action.

Brown Dust 2 is an upcoming 2D title for high-end mobile devices which immerses players in a colorful world full of “nostalgia factor”. The trailer, which you can find below, begins to introduce the characters of the main story, introduced as if they were “cartridges” divided among themselves, but which interact in a multiverse. A series of “what if” scenarios that immerse gamers in a unique experience and that clearly separates the action and events of each character. We leave you with the trailer.

We get to know the four protagonists of Brown Dust 2 better in a second rather interesting trailer

The trailer is accompanied by a soundtrack that refers a lot to the spy films of a few years ago. The music is the backdrop to the action put in place by each of the four main characters: Justice, Lathel, Schera and Gray. Let’s wait and see where these four different narrative arcs will take us, in an RPG that actually looks really interesting. There is no release date yet, but NEOWIZ has announced that they aim for 2023 for the official release.

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