Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The revamped arcade classic returns after 24 years

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A 35 years since the launch of the first, historic game ea 24 from the last to the last before this, Bubble Booble comes back with its fourth chapter, called Bubble Booble 4 Friends: The Baron’s Workshop. The game has actually already seen the light in the 2019 per Nintendo Switch is in the 2020 per PlayStation 4. But this version, which will come on September 30th per PC its Steam, includes in this version a new unpublished piece, namely a level editor, designed to create new challenges to then share with friends and the rest of the world. After trying it, we are now ready to give you our opinion on this title!

Our Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron’s Workshop review

At the heart of this title there is certainly the nostalgic appeal to the classic videogame that is Bubble Bobble. The game, basically, therefore maintains its original formula almost unchanged: in the role of a dragon capable of jump and shoot bubbles we should defeat all enemies within a room full of platforms e obstacles. Despite the graphics of the characters and game elements both three-dimensional, the game takes place on one level anyway two-dimensional, in a kind of 2.5D.

Compared to the original game for cabin cruiser of the 1986, moreover playable within this title thanks to a dedicated emulator, some mechanics have been added that make the resolution of the various levels even more puzzle. In fact, we can also use bubbles for bounce on it and get to places otherwise unreachable. Each level is also characterized by air currents, visible thanks to a particle effect, which move bubbles in precise directions, adding another degree of difficulty to puzzle solving.

A short story, but not a simple one

The premise of the game is very simple, and in reality practically negligible: in a child’s bedroom two puppets, that of the dragon Bub and that of Bub’s wizard and antagonist Grumple Grommit, come to life. Grumple Grommit immediately attacks Bub, forcing him to pass through levels full of enemies.

The levels are collected in five “worlds“, Which represent different themes and parts of the bedroom. At the end of each level collection we will have to face one boss finale, whose defeat will unlock a new equippable power. At a barrel of ten, the end of the game will come later 50 levels, which doubled to 100 if we also count their version in mode Hard, unlocked after defeating the final boss.

The number of levels it’s not very tall, and it is in fact very easy to finish the main story mode (i.e. the first 50 levels) in less than two hours. Time that would be even less were it not for the difficulty not trivial levels and bosses. You have in fact available four lives, and the simple contact with an enemy he will make us lose one. Our bubbles also have a limited range, and must be fired directly at the enemy to trap it (it is not enough that they touch it after they have been emitted). Even with the powers, therefore, it happens very often to end lives and to have to start the level again, a particularly heavy setback especially with the bosses, which thus regain their entire life.

Together is better

There is actually an easy way to make the game easier and fun too: play with one or more friends. As the name “4 Friends” suggests, it is indeed possible to play up to four players, a possibility that simplifies several levels. Multiplayer, like for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, is in theory only local, but it is actually possible with the tool Remote Play Together on Steam, invite other online players to the game.

To contribute to the social aspect is then the real novelty of this title, however, is the modality Workshop, or thelevel editor which allows you to create your own puzzles to share with the world or to try other people’s levels. This is a very welcome addition that, for anyone who is keen on titles like Super Mario Maker, gives a great longevity to the title, otherwise short.

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron’s Workshop, le nostre conclusioni

Taken as a game in itself, this Bubble Bobble chapter isn’t exactly the definition of “must-have”. The mechanics are far too limited and repetitive; the puzzles are quite simple and at the same time structured to be frustrating in some places; the duration of the game, also counting the difficult mode and the possibility of replaying the levels to complete them with a perfect score, is quite short.

Everything to throw away? No, on the contrary: considering this game instead as a title of the Bubble Bobble saga, it must be recognized that the original style is fully maintained, and is indeed renewed for the better in some of its aspects. We can therefore absolutely recommend this game both for all fans of the series and the old chapters and for those who want to approach this milestone saga of the videogame landscape with a slightly more modern title.


  • The spirit of Bubble Bobble is 100% present
  • Also possible to play in multiplayer online
  • Creative and fun workshop mode


  • Short story mode and a few levels
  • Slightly repetitive gameplay and mechanics

More information available on the game’s official Steam profile.

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron's Workshop

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: The Baron's Workshop

Developer: TAITO CORP.