BYD and AutoTorino inaugurate a store near the Milan Cathedral

BYD e AutoTorino inaugurano uno store vicino al Duomo di Milano thumbnail

BYD e Car Turin they celebrated the opening of the brand new showroom a Milanoa strategic location overlooking the Duomopositioned as a point of reference for innovation and promotion of electric mobility. This inauguration represents a significant change in the way we conceive the role of a car dealership, placing emphasis on the importance of sustainability and the positive impact onurban environment.

BYD and AutoTorino open a store near the Milan Cathedral

The opening event offered an immersive experience centered on sustainable mobility, as well as highlighting the high quality of Italian cuisine. The renowned starred restaurant Michelin “Il Luogo” by Aimo and Nadia delighted the guests. The participation of the agritourism company La Fioridaawarded not only with a Michelin star but also with a green Michelin star for its ethical approach to the environment, has helped to underline the commitment to environmental sustainability. There was no shortage of electric violinist Elsa Martignonian icon of Milanese music and an internationally renowned figure.

The highlight of the evening was the city debut of the new model in the range WORLD: “SEAL”. It’s about a 100% electric D-segment sedan which stands out for its sporty and dynamic design, combined with timeless elegance.

This new model aims to offer a high level of comfort e practicality to its future buyers, establishing itself as an attractive option in the sustainable mobility market.

The collaboration between BYD and Autotorino aims to concretely contribute to a cleaner and more livable urban environmentaiming to significantly reduce the local emissions and to promote the adoption of electric mobility as a sustainable solution for daily transport needs.

From today, if you want to discover the world of electric mobility, you can do it a few steps from Milan Cathedral.

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