Cagliari-Bologna: where to watch the match?

Fiorentina-Udinese: dove vedere la partita?

Football never sleeps and, indeed, continues to excite and provide entertainment. We are preparing to experience Bologna-Cagliari, but where to watch the match? Let’s find out together in this article

I television rights they are the cross and delight of today’s football. If on the one hand they improve the qualitative aspect – and the offer – of the matches, on the other hand they prove to be a hindrance for the many fans. At present, in fact, the Serie A schedule is divided between Sky and DAZN, which however boasts complete exclusivity. This clearly involves continuous research for those interested. The article in question therefore has the same purpose: to discover where to see Cagliari-Bologna and what are the probable formations.

Matchday 20 of Serie A thus compares two clubs that are experiencing different moments, but also with a different history. The Sardinians must save themselves, the Emilians want to continue daydreaming.

Cagliari-Bologna: where to watch the match?

Where to watch Cagliari-Bologna: will it be possible to watch the match on Sky? The answer is no!

Different objectives and opposite situations. The Cagliari she is a newly promoted player who, after just a year of cadet status, has made her presence felt again. The Bologna he has lived in Serie A for years and is an authentic certainty. For this reason, the Sardinians are aiming for salvation and are in 17th position with 15 points, one more than the relegation zone. The Emilians are (incredibly) in fifth place with 32 points, ready to amaze again. Both come from a 1-1 draw and need a boost. Given the situation of the two teams, where to watch Cagliari-Bologna between Sky and DAZN?

The second company mentioned has a fairly recent history. Based in London, it has taken on a leading role in just a few years. It is precisely this that allows the entire viewing of Serie A matches, from the first to the last. In addition to the top flight, it guarantees Serie B matches and UFC and PFC matches. The monthly subscription gives you the possibility to choose between two packages: the standard one which costs 30,99 € or the plus one with a cost of 45,99 €, with the difference that you can use the platform from two devices at the same time. To find out everything in detail and choose the best option, just click on link that takes you directly to the official website.

Switching to Sky, the whole picture changes. The club is better known and now historic and, in addition to football, presents a very vast range of offers. As for Serie A, however, it can only offer the viewing of three matches per day, but to these we can add the women’s championship matches and the clashes of foreign clubs. Plus all the European matches, therefore the Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League. It ends with NBA, Tennis, Formula 1 and MotoGP. In this case the cost of the monthly subscription is 14,99 € referring to link on NOWTV.

Leaving aside the two platforms, we arrive at the main question and give the definitive answer: Cagliari-Bologna will be broadcast exclusively on DAZN. The two teams will take to the field on Sunday 14 January at 3pm, the venue of the match will be the Unipol Domus in Cagliari. Let’s remember how important it is to have a VPN for a secure connection.

Everything is ready, or almost. Just sit on the sofa and turn on the TV, or download the application and log in to enjoy the race.

Cagliari-Bologna, probable lineups

Claudio Ranieri and Thiago Motta, old and new school.

Below are the probable formations:

CAGLIARI (4-3-1-2): Scuffet; Zappa, Goldaniga, Dossena, Augello; Sulemana, Makoumbou, Prati; Nandez; Viola, Petagna.

BOLOGNA (4-2-3-1): Skorupski; Posch, Beukema, Calafiori, Kristiansen; Freuler, Ferguson; Orsolini, Aebischer, Saelemaekers; Van Hooijdonk.

Will one of them be able to win over the other? While waiting to find out, give us your opinion. To stay constantly updated on news from the social and web world, always follow!

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