MEDION presents the first laptop with Intel AI Boost

MEDION presenta il primo laptop con Intel AI Boost thumbnail

On the occasion of CES 2024, the most important global event dedicated to consumer electronics, ENVIRONMENT has unveiled its first laptop powered by artificial intelligence (AI), created in partnership with Intel.

This is the revolutionary MEDION E15443which uses new processor technology Intel Core Ultra and makes the most advanced artificial intelligence tools available to all users. The compact laptop will hit the market as early as the end of the month.

Intel Core Ultra: the processor with integrated AI functions

The new high-performance Intel processors are the beating heart of the new MEDION E15443 and provide enormous computing power, allowing the laptop to handle even the most complex tasks quickly and effectively. At the same time, they are the gateway to the world of AI and create the conditions for the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools: both for creative projects and for intelligent collaboration in modern working contexts.

The new Intel processors also stand out for their energy efficiency. An optimal balance between performance and energy ensures optimal consumption of your MEDION laptop, even during streaming and video calls. The extraordinary performance of the new processors and the increase in artificial intelligence also allow greater speed in editing and generating images.

MEDION E15443: the creative laptop with AI

The creative applications of the MEDION E15443 are also enhanced by the integrated Intel Arc Graphics graphics card, also based on artificial intelligence. Sophisticated multimedia projects, such as animation, can take advantage of the powerful GPU. The production of images and music, with the help of short text modules, are some of the opportunities offered by AI applications, designed to simplify processes and stimulate creativity and productivity.

The MEDION 15.6 inch AI laptop is equipped with a processor Intel Core Ultra 5 125H, SSD da 512 GB, RAM DDR5 da 16 GB 4.800 MHz, display Full HD e high definition audio speakers. The battery has a long life, up to ten hours, eliminating the problem of always carrying the power cable with you. Furthermore, the laptop has one “switch per la privacy” to turn off the webcam and microphone whenever you want.

Price and availability

The MEDION E15443 (MD62621) will be available from the end of January at the recommended price of 799,00€. MEDION will introduce more laptops with Intel Core Ultra processors during the first half of the year.

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