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Calendario Nintendo Switch #24: micro-recensione WarioWare Get It Together!

The Nintendo Switch Calendar proceeds quickly: the second (re-) review of Advent takes us back to the delirious WarioWare Get It Together!

After Chocobo GP, the Nintendo Switch calendar back to bomb on a game already in the past subject of review from the writer: WarioWare Get It Together!strictly with an exclamation point. Could he have earned such an enthusiastic title? Given the much weaker post-launch support than our expectations, one would say no, but as a first taste of the series it can be ideal to give newbies an idea of ​​the tones to expect from other exponents. New fans who, it must be said, could fall in love with this IP even more if this first dart actually hits the mark.

WarioWare Get it Together, second review of the Nintendo Switch Calendar

The idea behind any WarioWare remains fundamentally intact in Get It Together as well: understand what we have to do and, over the course of a few seconds available to us in the minigame, do it. The presence of the cast as an actually playable roster allows us to interact with the crazy microcosms artfully assembled for every instant of frenetic action, but with two unpleasant consequences. The first, predictably, consists in the loss of the immediacy of the previous chapters precisely because of the new intermediaries. The second, diametrically opposite, is a barely tangible semblance of a platformer.

That said, the compromise does its job worthily. This is a tailor-made experience, predominantly, for the game in portable mode. If you want to treat yourself, or have the Switch but not the previous handheld consoles, nibbling a bit here and there from the game’s smorgasbord is also the ideal way to get it off your backlog. Otherwise, however, there are many other exponents of the series that keep their identity much more intact, such as Touched! and Do It Yourself on Nintendo DS or, on stationary systems, the Wii episode Smooth Moves. Don’t burn the Switch episode in one go, though: you’ll soon end up wanting more.

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