Tech professions: Teoresi Group is looking for 500 STEM profiles

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Teoresi Groupborn in Turin in 1987 as an IT consultancy company, is looking for 500 talents among engineers and STEM profiles to throw a global mobility programme.

Who are the figures sought by Teoresi Group?

Teoresi Group is looking for computer, mechanical, mechatronic, electronic, aerospace and biomedical engineers, as well as graduates in mathematics, physics, information technology.

Professionals will have the opportunity to work on frontier technologieswhich will be central to the market over the next 10 years, especially in areas of application such as smart mobilityil railway and theaerospacewhich require not only technological but also compliance skills, up to financial technologies e lifesciencewho are innovating the world of payments and health.

The hirings are part of a process that has led, over the last 5 years, the company to grow in the volume of revenues (+118%), in the number of employees (+86%) and in the offices at an international level (+78% ).

To date, the group has 850 employees divided as follows in the 18 operating offices: 9 in Italy, 5 in the United States, 3 in Germany and 1 in Switzerland.

The action of Teoresi Group in Italy

In Italy the main cities are: Torinomother city of Teoresi and where the most evident development is in the transport sector; Modenawhere it has established partnerships with the main players in the Motor Valley; Napoli, in which Teoresi became the protagonist of the growth of the technological citadel of San Giovanni a Teduccio and of the development of a Health pole.

“Attracting talent is a key part of our business and is particularly strategic for anticipating companies’ demand for frontier technology expertise,” he said. Diego Tornese, Chief Operating Officer of Teoresi Group.

“[…] Like Teoresi we have always been attentive to the need for talent to be close to the local area; this is the reason why we opened an office in Naples 12 years ago, investing in a traditionally emigrated territory, to give career opportunities to excellence in Southern Italy and stimulate the development of the local technological district.

More recently, we have launched a Global Mobility program which allows employees to participate in international projects to launch an international career, but also with the possibility of returning to their home country. Again like Teoresi we are even more interested in finding new ways that stimulate south working”.

New hires, by city


This is the Italian branch where Teoresi is investing the most, with 200 hires concluded in 2022 and another 250 scheduled for next year: in particular, we are looking for engineers with experience in the automotive sector related to assisted and autonomous driving systems and cybersecurity.

The collaboration with the Turin car manufacturer is significant XV for experiments on YOYO electric city carbut also partnerships with various companies operating in the main areas of research and development, such as: the National Center for Sustainable Mobility, Torino City Lab, ICT hub for smart mobility and Artificial Intelligenceil Aerospace District of Piedmont on the subject of Urban Space Mobility e BioPMed for the sector Life Science.


With Turin, Detroit, Munich and Stuttgart, Modena is one of the places liveliest in the world for the automotive industry and technologies. For ten years Teoresi Group has had one of its operating offices in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley, which from the initial 15 employees has evolved steadily to include 200.

Around 100 new hires are expected in Modena in 2023, between engineers and profiles with knowledge of model based design. Among other things, it is precisely in the Modena office that Teoresi is experimenting enabling technologies in the field of powertrain, smart mobility, info-telematics and electrical and electronic architecture.

One of the most ambitious and innovative projects concerns virtual automation testing, ie the virtual automation of tests before the prototype is available.


The headquarters of Teoresi in Naples has become a pole of attraction also from the neighboring areas of the South. In 2022 Teoresi hired 34 people, for a total of about 90 employees, and more are expected to be hired 50 figures in 2023 among electronic, mechanical, computer engineers, as well as graduates in computer science, mathematics and physics.

City with one strong tradition in railway technologies (remember that the was born in Naples first railway in Italythe historic Naples-Portici) and which sees an ever greater development of the technological citadel of San Giovanni a Teduccio, the Naples office constitutes for Teoresi a technological hub in which to strengthen proximity to the transport chain and a hub of innovation in the medical fieldas well as a pool of talent of the University of Naples Federico II and of the University of Sannio.

In Naples the Teoresi teams are engaged in the development of R&D projects including technologies for autonomous driving and nanotechnologies for the biomedical. In Naples the Nanocan projectstarting point to develop the hospital in a needlei.e. a new class of devices that integrate platforms for diagnosis and therapy used in oncology, using the optical fiber integrated in medical needles.

For more information on Teoresi Group’s job offers in Italy and abroad, please visit the group’s LinkedIn page.

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