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Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers becomes a real video game

Everyone who grew up with the music of the 2000s is familiar with the Californication video clip by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and everyone has wondered what that video game was. Today that game exists and it’s free for everyone!

Californication: 22 years later the real videogame of the official video arrives

An iconic record Californicationand the same goes for the single of the same name which in 2000 confirmed i Red Hot Chili Peppers as a symbolic band of the American music scene (and beyond). The piece, in its fierce criticism of Hollywood, pornography and the sexualization of the entertainment world, was accompanied by a famous official video. In this the band was immersed in a fictional 3D video game. Many, as children, we wondered if that video game really existed. The answer of course is no: the animations were created ad hoc by Jonathan Dayton e Valerie Faris who carried out the work. Today, however, that game has been invented, and it even is downloadable for free. Before talking about it, however, let’s jump in 2000 by looking at the official video.

In the official video it is possible to notice different videogame worlds, from GTA to Crazy Taxi, even passing through Tomb Rider. Well today, 22 years later, a developer called Miquel Camps Orteza made a video game based on that official video. Players can choose one of four band members and try their hand at collecting as many Red Hot Chili Peppers logos as possible (the famous red asterisk). In all there are 7 levels, which reflect the worlds of games that we have seen in rotation on MTV for years. It will then be possible to swim in the ocean, try your hand at snowboarding and fly among the skyscrapers aboard a dragonfly like Anthony Kiedis e Flea. Here is the trailer:

In publishing the project the developer wrote “For years I have wanted to play that video game, but since it didn’t exist I created it. I waited 22 years for someone to do it, in the end I rolled up my hands and here it is ”. The game is available for free download here.

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