Apple halts sales in Russia: other smartphone manufacturers under pressure?

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According to analysts, the decision of Apple Of stop sales of products in Russia is putting pressure to other smartphone manufacturers. Will it really be like this?

Apple Stops Sales In Russia: Are Other Smartphone Manufacturers Under Pressure?

Apple announced its decision on Tuesday, along with a series of other actions in response to theinvasion of Russia into Ukraine. All Apple products on the company’s online showcase in Russia are listed as “not available” for purchase or delivery in the country.

The move “absolutely puts pressure on rival companies like Samsung to follow their lead,” the chief analyst told CNBC on Wednesday. Ben Wood Of CCS Insight. Samsung did not respond immediately to a CNBC request for comment. Wood, referring to Apple, then said: “It is important that they have made a statement. They are leading from the front ”, then adding that some of Apple’s rivals they sell significant volumes in Russia.

Apple also said it removed the state-controlled Russian outlets RT News e Sputnik News from its App Store in all countries except Russia. The Cupertino-based tech giant is in a “strong position” to be able to make these decisions, Wood said. “He is a big player in the tech space and one of the most valuable companies in the world.”

The iPhone represents about the 15% of the Russian smartphone market, according to Counterpoint Research. Apple is estimated to have sold approx 32 million iPhones in the country last year. Anshel Sagprincipal analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy, told CNBC that Apple’s move “could force others to follow suit.”

Since Russia it is not an important market for Apple, the company’s actions are unlikely to have a significant impact on the company, according to Wood. “Their business is so big it’s very resilient,” she said. “For them, losing that revenue won’t have a catastrophic impact on the business.”

Tuesday, Mykhailo FedorovDeputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, invited the CEO of Apple, Tim Cookto “finish the job”, referring to total blocking of the App Store in Russia. On Wednesday he instead urged Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation a stop supporting Russian markets and “temporarily block all Russian and Belarusian accounts”.

Companies all over the world are going rapidly withdrawing from Russia while governments impose sanctions on the country.