Call of Duty: it’s war on cheaters on Warzone and Vanguard

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The Call of Duty saga, including the Warzone and Vanguard chapters, is one of the most played and affected by cheaters, but now it’s time for a counterattack

Anyone who owns a PC or a consoleat least once in his life, he has certainly played in both single and multiplayer one of the many chapters that make up the saga di Call of Duty. And if he played online he almost certainly ran into one or more cheaters, well, now these shouldn’t be a big deal anymore. But let’s try to understand each other a little better.

Call of Duty: niente pietà per i cheaters

Il team anti cheat di Call of Duty Warzone e Vanguard has in fact created a system, as can be read on their blog, which prevents cheaters from seeing or hearing other players, bullets included! It is therefore the so-called “cloaking” which will still make the cheaters more than visible to the eyes of “honest players”.

The blog then goes on to reveal that anyone who has been banned for cheating on Warzone or Vanguard will come automatically excluded from the game rankings. A move that led to the ban di ben 54,000 players until now, last year it reached about half a million so you do the math, for a further turn of the screw that is now registering an increase in “honest games”.

Call of Duty: it's war on cheaters on Warzone and Vanguard

A little too severe penalty? Not so much because, if we think about it, cheaters reach the top in the rankings precisely because of their incorrect way of playing, preventing other players from reaching these levels without having to resort to low-level tricks such as codes, incorrect behavior and so on.

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