Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: a datamine reveals the campaign

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Modern Warfare 2’s campaign shouldn’t have any surprises, but that hasn’t stopped a datamine for the latest Call of Duty remake

The foreign press also boasts employees in the datamineis that of Insider Gaming unearthed sixteen missions for the campagna from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Those who have played the original should not expect surprises but, in order not to have any other type, the dataminer has preferred to opt for anonymity. The list is more or less “encrypted”, in the sense that i nomi used are all in codice (and dataminers who have attempted to anticipate the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster should know something). As for us, we will follow the alphabetical order in the original language and provide you with the necessary translations.

The datamine reveals the campaign, in the sunset, for those who “ruin” Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 wants

The sixteen missions that make up the game’s campaign appear in the datamine under the following names. Let’s talk about Backstabbed (stabbed in the back), Border (confine), Convoy Chase (pursuit of the convoy), Gunship (gunboat), Intercept (intercept), Marina (marina), Montage (assembly), Nightwar (night conflict), Party (party), Prison (prison), Shadowbase (base of shadows), ShipAF (untranslatable, apart from “ship”), Stolen (stolen), Strike (blow), Tower (tower) e Wounded (wound). Of these, ShipAF is the mission we now know as Dark Water (below).

The names all sound very vague, but Backstabbed seems hard to ignore. If you don’t need to spoiler warnings and you have played the original, you will remember what betrayal is being alluded to. In the 2009 title (thirteen years!), In fact, Roach and Ghost are betrayed by Shepherd, who opens fire on both of them. At the end of the mission, as both are filled with gasoline and are about to be roasted, Price’s voice warns them via radio (with impeccable timing) of the eponymous and metaphorical stabbing behind him. A faithful remake is expected, no doubt about it!

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