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Call of Duty: Season 2. Vanguard brings the Yeti Task Force

Call of Duty, Season 2: this is it, Vanguard brings the Task force Yeti. Anna Drake, Thomas Bolt and Gustavo dos Santos attack a German stronghold located in the Swiss Alps.

But who are Anna Drake, Thomas Bolt and Gustavo Dos? Let’s find out “more” about the cast of the Special Operations Task Force 007: Yeti team from Call of Duty.

Anna Drake

Favorite Weapon: KG M40 (unlockable for free at Level 15 of the Season 2 Battle Pass)

Years of birth: 1923

Nationality: Austrian

Anna Drake was born in Vienna, where she spent her days walking and skiing in unspoiled nature. This all ended during the Nazi invasion. The pogrom of the Crystal Night wiped out her home and her past. Anna was taken prisoner and was the only survivor of her friends and family. She later she managed to escape and join the resistance with the Ö5 network.

Unlock Anna Drake and her legendary operator skin “Overcoat” immediately at Level 0 by purchasing the Season 2 Battle pass. To get her legendary “White Mirage” skin instead, you must reach level 100: a look that will make the skin crawl. enemies.

Thomas Bolt

Favorite Weapon: Whitley (unlockable for free at Level 31 of the Season 2 Battle Pass)

Years of birth: 1900

Nationality: Canadian, Spanish

Thomas was born in New Carlisle, Quebec to a French father and Spanish mother. He fought in World War I, served as a volunteer in the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion and led tanks in World War II. His experience in battle has tempered him, but his priority is always to protect his fellow soldiers and bring everyone home. He loves his partner and trusts that he will be able to hug him again at the end of the war.

To unlock it, you have to go through the Thomas Bolt operator bundle, available in the shop shortly after the launch of Season 2. Obtain various things: his legendary “Infreddolito” skin, two weapon projects, the Highlight intro “Torchiato”, the Lucky Charm “Cowbell memory ”And much more by purchasing the bundle.

Gustavo dos Santos

Favorite Weapon: Armaguerra 43 (coming later in Season 2)

Date of birth: 1911

Nationality: Brazilian

Gustavo Dos Santos is a wealthy playboy who fled Brazil to live the good life in Paris. After a chance encounter with a French resistance agent who revealed the Germans’ secret plans for Brazil, Gustavo risked his life to deliver this information home. He later joined the “Cobra Fumatori” (the so-called “Brazilian Expeditionary Force”) and conquered Monte Castello, the last Nazi defensive line in northern Italy.

To unlock Gustavo Dos Santos it is necessary, also in this case, to purchase his bundle, available during Season 2.

20 new levels of operator progression

Anna, Thomas, and Gustavo have 20 operator progression levels, including Operator beats, two skins, XP bonuses, a Finisher, and more. They will then have to equip their favorite weapons and complete their individual challenges to level up faster. In order to get their Mastery Reward skins, they will all have to be leveled 20.

Task force Yeti arrives along with Season 2, starting February 14, for use in Vanguard and Warzone. With Nebula V’s looming threat, it will take all your skills to survive the battle.

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