Apple Store: attempted robbery in Amsterdam, hostages released and robber arrested

Apple Store: tentata rapina ad Amsterdam, ostaggi liberati e rapinatore arrestato thumbnail

L’Apple Store on Leidseplein, Amsterdam was scene of an attempted robbery made by a 27 year old man in camouflage and balaclava. The man held some people hostage inside the Apple Store for several hours. The robber also attempted to ask for a ransom for the release of the hostages. The robbery attempt ended with the arrest of the robber and the release, without injuries, of all the hostages.

The Apple Store in Amsterdam is the protagonist of a robbery attempt

The robbery attempt at the Apple Store in Amsterdam ended badly for the robber who, well armed and dressed in camouflage and a balaclava, held the staff and some customers of the store hostage for several hours. The robber had requested 200 million euros in cryptocurrencies and a safe escape route to free the hostages. The negotiation went on for several hours until the attacker was neutralized.

The situation was resolved after one of the hostages managed to escape forcing the robber to chase him outside the AppleStore. At this point, the police intervened, managing to immobilize the robber and free the hostages without any injuries. Before clearing the area, the police inspected the premises for the presence of explosives. Only at the end of the checks, the order was restored.

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