Call Of Duty Vanguard: War photographers take in-game shots for charity

A group of real war photographers took in game shots to donate to charity to promote the Call of Duty Vanguard promotional campaign

The inclusion of photo mode in video games has been appreciated by many people. With photo mode, simple gamers, photo enthusiasts and experts have proven their expressiveness on multiple levels. The latest news concerns the use of virtual photography for charitable purposes. Activision has launched a campaign promotional in which war photographers were able to make inside the sets virtual of the new Call of Duty Vanguard different shots to donate in charity .

Shots taken from Call of Duty Vanguard donated to charity

The two photojournalists, Alex Potter e Sebastiano Piccolomini, were called by Activision to make several shots taken from the last one Call of Duty Vanguard to donate in charity. The two photographers worked in different war zones royals, including Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Jordan and have lent their talents photographic to make these shots in the context of a noble promotional campaign. The two photographers used two specials for the in-game shots virtual camera to enter the battlefields of Vanguard.

Call Of Duty Vanguard: War photographers take in-game shots for charity

With a spirit and an eye documentary, the photos were taken inside one virtual scenario built using the “photogrammetry“. The latter has the function of virtualize in faithful images 3D real objects via a series of multiple shots taken from various angles. The two photographers proved themselves excited. Both commented on the event in a manner positive, saying that the photos faithfully represented what they would capture in real war situations. CoD Vanguard is scheduled for November 5 for all consoles and PCs.

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