Call of Duty Vanguard will offer a unique audiovisual experience for players

Call of Duty Vanguard offrirà un'esperienza audiovisiva unica per i giocatori thumbnail

The new Call of Duty Vanguard aims to become an important reference in the videogame world. The new title developed by Sledgehammer Games features some innovative audiovisual features that aim to offer players a unique experience. Taking advantage of some very specific elements, in fact, Call of Duty Vanguard presents itself to gamers with a truly unique and innovative audiovisual sector.

The elements that make the audiovisual sector of Call of Duty Vanguard truly special

One of the main elements of the new Vanguard is represented by the Audio Recording. The Sledgehammer Games audio team has dedicated hours and hours to audio capture sessions to ensure the best performance of the game’s sound sector, helping to transport players to the battlefield.

The game aims to amaze even with one soundtrack really cinematic which was written by compositore Bear McCreary, BAFTA winner and creator of the 2018 God of War soundtrack and music for The Walking Dead. Note that the creation of the game’s soundtrack is detailed in the following video:

The other details to keep an eye on

Sledgehammer Games did a lot of work onvisual impact of Vanguard. The team has included numerous visual references to make the environment as rich and faithful as possible. The video below gives us a preview of the Stalingrad Summer level:

The game also offers the largest range of Day One content for any Call of Duty multiplayer mode. The game also offers many maps to explore such as from Gavutu in the Pacific, to Red Star in Russia to German maps such as Dome and Eagle’s Nest.