Microsoft Edge helps us with shopping

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With Black Friday just around the corner (and it has already started in many online stores) and the Christmas gift season is approaching, Microsoft Edge brings another novelty to shopping. In fact, the tracking of prices, to keep an eye on the fluctuations of your favorite products and allow you to save a few euros on gifts. And it’s not the only feature for those who love to shop online.

Microsoft Edge introduces another shopping function

Microsoft knows it still has to convince many users to adopt its Edge browser. Not for everyone is the excellent speed performance and large selection of extensions enough. Especially for those who often use their browser to look for discounts and snatch the best prices while shopping.

For this reason last year he had launched the feature that allows insert automatically coupons when you are about to make an online purchase. Furthermore, always under the holidays of 2020, the functionality it fulfills had arrived pro-active comparisons between products (only available in certain countries). Two perfect functions to face Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, but also for those who bought Christmas gifts on the internet (and last year, who didn’t?).

For 2021, another set of shopping features arrives, which Microsoft has announced with great fanfare on its blog.

Plot the prices

In this discount period, we are all afraid of missing out on a great value offer. In the techprincess offers section you will find some of the best. But if you are looking for a specific product, the search must be more precise. Price tracking can allow you to abuy the product you have been wanting for a long time at the lowest possible price.

Functionality arrives included within the browser, then you simply have to search for the products as you normally would. Microsoft Edge will warn you if the the price of the products you have recently checked has dropped, so you don’t have to keep running around the ecommerce site to see if the price has dropped.

This function is perfectly combined with the functionality of price comparison Microsoft announced last year. In fact, you can buy in this way not only at the best price of the last few weeks, but also at the lowest price on the internet. And as if that weren’t enough, after you easily compare reviews and user ratings, you can also see the coupon which apply automatically when you do the ccart heck-out and make your online purchase.

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Ethical shopping

In the minds of online shoppers (and anyone shopping in general), saving is often the top priority. But in recent years it has risen a lot the interest of users in ethical purchases. Those with a strong environmental sense do not want to buy polluting products. Those who care about workers’ rights don’t want products made in factories where they don’t respect them. This not only serves to keep our conscience clean but allows us to “vote with our feet”: avoid brands with unethical practices, signal your will to the brand. And it is thanks to ethical shopping that companies increasingly tend to show their commitment to sustainability.

To help you make sustainable purchases, Microsoft Bing has partnered with Good On You. This platform evaluates brands on different metrics regarding ecological and social sustainability. And now these scores can be integrated directly into Bing searches. A feature that is currently only active for users in the UK, but that may expand soon.

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In addition, Microsoft will also donate for the UK Helpn Reforestation Project every ten purchases made with the browser in certain digital stores. An initiative that will plant trees based on how much shopping you do. Again, Microsoft plans to “expand the feature to other markets soon“.

The news of Microsoft Edge for shopping also arrive on smartphones

Although many users tend to use the browser pre-installed on the your smartphone, Microsoft Edge is making its way through giants like Chrome and Safari. Also thanks to its shopping functions. Even before today there was the possibility of using the automatic insertion of coupons also on the mobile browser. But this month the update it will also bring price comparison both to other sites and tracking for fluctuations over time. And the other news should also arrive soon on smartphones.

In addition to these shopping news, Microsoft will bring others to Edge designed for all users. Like the possibility of change passwords with ease: just go to the settings of the saved passwords and click “Change password”. Automatically, Edge will direct you to the site’s password change page. And using the browser’s built-in password generator you can choose a strong one. Also there are news for Microsoft Rewards, which arrive directly in the context menu, while with the Efficiency mode you can improve your laptop battery while using Edge.

The new features will arrive later this month, just in time to take advantage of the end of Black Friday and get you on your way to Christmas shopping. Are you ready to shopping the smart way?