Call of Duty Warzone: here are the results of the 2021 “football” tournament

The 433 football social house shared data from the Call of Duty Warzone football tournament, which was attended by several international footballers

433, one of the best known social house dedicated to football, shared the results of a special tournament of Call of Duty Warzone “football” theme. The participants, in fact, were famous players belonging to the most important teams around the planet, such as Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Portugal.

The victory of the Call of Duty Warzone football tournament belongs to Sergio Reguilón

The winner of the Call of Duty Warzone football tournament was Spanish defender Sergio Reguilón. The athlete managed to take home the first place after scoring a decisive blow against Neto, whose team finished second. The tournament actually opened with a somewhat unpleasant event for Reguilón, who was unable to open the parachute in time and was therefore eliminated after a short time. His teammates, however, managed to resurrect him and put him back into the game.

Call of Duty Warzone: here are the results of the "football" tournament of 2021

There were other notable performances during the tournament. One of these was that of Alejandro Grimaldo, who engaged in clashes with the teams of Arthur and Hungarian Dominik Szoboszlai, before being eliminated by the Spaniard Ayoze Perez. Within the gulag, however, Grimaldo managed to get the better of the Argentine Nico Tagliafico, earning his return to the game.

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