Calvin Harris will give a live concert on TikTok

Calvin Harris will give a live concert on TikTok

2023 of Calvin Harris begins with a first time: the first live streaming concert, live on TikTok, on Friday 13 January. The announcement came today accompanied by a video teaser.

According to the description provided by the artist himself, the concert will feature “reactive audio images in a luminous world inspired by nature”. The official press release explains that “Harris’s avatar will take fans on a musical journey through a bright virtual universe”.

How and when to attend the Calvin Harris concert on TikTok

The concert will be held at 21:00 Italian on Friday 12 January 2023. To attend the show, just connect to Calvin Harris’ TikTok account.

“I can’t wait for fans to experience my first virtual concert,” said Calvin Harris.

Paul Hourican, Global Head of Music Operations at TikTok, also shared enthusiasm, who said: “It is an honor to host the first virtual concert of Calvin Harris, which will push the boundaries of the possibilities of Live on TikTok”.

Electronic music is one of the most popular genres on TikTok. Just think that the hashtag #ElectronicMusic counts beyond that 3.6 billion views. In particular, Calvin Harris’ music has generated multiple trends on the platform. His Funk Wav remix of the song The Weekend by SZA appears in more than 5.5 million videos, while Feels“, in collaboration with Pharrell, Katy Perry e Big Seanhas 1.8 million creations.

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