We tested LG’s 2023 OLED TVs at CES in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS – In one suite on the 60th floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas during it CES, LG he showed us the new ones TV OLED 2023. Ten years after the launch of the first OLED TV, this technology continues to amaze: so much so that it is the eleventh consecutive year that this series vince i CES Innovation Award. Here are all the news of this new line of premium televisions, which will arrive on the market in the coming months.

The LG 2023 OLED TV collection at CES in Las Vegas: first impressions

During the CES in Las Vegas, the Korean brand announced several very interesting innovations. The first OLED began, ten years ago, which with deep blacks and perfect contrast has really brought the cinema home.

But in recent years we have also seen surprising form factors, allowed by tecnologia OLED autoilluminante. Like the LG Signature OLED R Rollable TV and the LG OLED Flex Foldable TV, which won two awards at the CES 2023 Innovation Award, including one in the gaming category. And this year it introduces the new Signature OLED M, the first wireless TV that lets you put your TV in the center of the room.

The new line for 2023 and the α9 AI Gen6 processor

Like every year, LG renews its TV line, but the spearheads of the collection are the OLED TVs, which you can find on series Z3, G3 and C3. They offer greater brightness than the last generation of OLED TVs (which we really liked anyway), so as to be more pleasant even in different ambient light conditions: you can enjoy movies and series even in full sunlight. Especially on the 8K series they showed us at CES, the higher brightness really stands out, making the colors brighter and the contrast even more noticeable.

Handling the amazing detail and color accuracy is the new α9 AI Gen6 processor. LG explains to us that these new processors take advantage of Deep Learning technology to provide better images and sound.

But in addition to the quality of the panels, the intelligence of these TVs makes the difference. With function AI Picture Pro you can upscale each frame, to have beautiful images in HDR. And with AI Sound Pro you get virtual 9.1.2 surround sound through the TVs built-in speakers.

Brighter, more sustainable

The quality of LG’s OLEDs it was surprising already ten years ago, but it continues to increase significantly. The LG team even explains that Hollywood buys LG OLED reference monitors in numbers that alone exceeds all major competitors. The quality of the images, impossible to render with photographs, will impress you again this year.

But LG’s G 2023 evo OLED TV line that we were able to see firsthand at CES in Las Vegas solves one of the “limitations” of OLED technology, according to some. In fact, the brightness, although excellent in “home cinema” conditions, is subdued for some users in full daylight. With LG Brightness Booster Max, instead the brightness increases by 70%. Pixel by pixel, this technology allows you to brighten the images even more.

The OLED evo G3 models also offer a new design, called One Wall. With a completely flush mounting, it leaves no visible cracks.

All of LG’s 2023 OLED TVs presented at CES are also more environmentally friendly throughout their life cycle. Indeed, since they do not need backlighting, they require fewer materials than conventional OLEDs. And LG has used a lot of sustainable components, such as recycled plastics. And recyclable packaging with single color printing.

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In addition, they are not only kind to the environment but also to your eyes: they have been certified as low blue light by theby TÜV Rheinland and flicker-free by UL Solutions.

LG’s new 2023 OLED TV at CES: the latest version of webOS

Another interesting novelty that the LG experts showed us in the suite of the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas is the software: the latest version of webOS. Which for these televisions also has the All New Home interface, redesigned to put user customization at the center.

Indeed, there are the new quick tabs that facilitate access to the most used contents and services, grouping them into categories such as Home Office, Home Hub Gaming, Musica e Sport. And then there are several personalized recommendations based on your viewing habits, which simplify access and prevent you from spending too much time browsing content.

personalized picture lg

One extremely cool feature they showed us at CES 2023 is that LG’s new OLED TVs have a speed menu, where you can save the settings you use most often: a particular setting or a useful feature. Speaking of settings, you can choose between various modes (Vivid, Cinema) but also create one just for you. Indeed, a small test in which to choose which images strike you the most allows you to determine the settings tailored to you.

In addition to video, audio too

In the suite of the Mandalay Bay Resort we were able to see not only the new video wonders of LG but also the audio ones: also because it supports both the Dolby Vision that the Dolby Atmos. We’ve already told you how you can connect the new LG 2023 soundbars (and soon last year’s too) to the new OLED TVs to use new features like WOW Orchestrawhich syncs audio from TV speakers and soundbars for unique effects.

Also, new LG TVs are compatible with the standard HDMI 2.1a, making the most of the VRR, G-Sync and all the best standards for quality gaming.

And this year, you can take advantage of an instant wireless connection too. Indeed the new LG OLED Signature M moves all the cables and also the processor in a “box” that connects with infrared to the TV. Three times faster than WiFi 6, allows you to connect consoles, PC, Blu-Ray player away from TVto give this beautiful OLED TV plenty of room to shine.

lg oled signature oled m

LG’s 2023 OLED TVs really amazed us: an image quality that is second to none, a lot of technology and innovations in both video and audioor. Once again, the Korean brand proves to be the company that drives innovation in the OLED world, with products that we don’t see arriving in Italy during the year. We will keep you informed: they are unmissable.