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Can I get a free registration certificate?

The Chamber of Commerce registration is a document of great importance. At this point the question arises: can you ask for a free registration certificate?

Through this sheet, in fact, it is possible to verify a lot of information that is of interest to a company, from a legal, economic and administrative point of view.

The moment you do download the certificate of incorporation it is also possible to ascertain the real existence of a company, which must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Ask for this type of company certificate it’s really that simple.

In fact, just contact one of the physical branches of the institution or ask the application via the web, opting for the online business registration. The procedure requires just a few clicks and within a few hours (or days, in exceptional cases) you will have the attachment available via your e-mail box.

But at this point the question arises: one can ask free certificate of incorporation?

Chamber of Commerce registration what it is for

Before finding out in detail how much does a certificate of incorporation costit is good to understand its usefulness.

Without a shadow of a doubt it is a document that is useful in various situations. Here are some examples:

Carry out notarial deeds. Just think of sales, company rents, mortgage cancellations, mortgage renegotiations, various types of financing, etc.

Know the business status of the company. Through this survey it is possible to learn about the actual state of a company, for example if it is active or not, if in a situation of bankruptcy or suspension and so on.

Check the administrative body. With this sheet you can find out if it is both the type of administration, as well as the exponents, shareholders, etc.

Identify the main registered office (and not only). Thanks to this search, it is also possible to know the place where a company is registered, both the main one and the various secondary offices.

Know all customers and partners. Through this procedure you will be able to find the names of suppliers, customers and various companies with which a partnership has been established.

Furthermore, it is possible to ask at the Chamber of Commerce two types of company registrationthat is ordinary and historical.

In the first case, (i.e. the ordinary search) we refer to the latest state of affairs of the company, while with the historical certificate it is possible to know all the possible variations that have occurred over the years (while the ordinary one is updated).

Both are quite complete and include a series of information regarding the company, such as: the corporate purpose, personal data, legal nature, tax code and / or VAT number, date of incorporation and so on.

Free Chamber of Commerce registration

Once the usefulness of the Chamber of Commerce registrationlet’s move on to the question costs.

Such a procedure reveals itself free when the person requesting it is the legal representative or the owner of an entrepreneurial activity.

However, it is important that the subject owns SPID (i.e. the Public Digital Identity System) or alternatively of CNS (the National Service Card). Both are valid tools for certifying a person’s identity and comparing it with the position located in the business register.

If, on the other hand, you are not the owner of the company, then the Chamber of Commerce registration will have a cost. We are really talking about very low prices: on average you go give her 2.50 to 10 euros. The variation can often depend on the type of investigation that is decided to do (for example historical, ordinary and so on).

As we have already mentioned to you at the beginning, obtain the Chamber of Commerce registration it’s that simple. There are special sites that deal with these services and that will allow you to send the application by following some steps and from the comfort of your own home. Or, just go to the Chamber of Commerce of your city.