Cannon Elite: Antec announces the new Chassis

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Antec, a leading supplier of PC components, has finally announced the release of the new Cannon Elite chassis

Today, theAntec Inc.a Taiwanese company, has announced the release of the new chassis Cannon Elite. The Antec company is a leading supplier of high performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and do it yourself. today he amazed everyone, surprisingly presenting the latest gaming chassis eATX full-tower: il Cannon Elite.

Technical details of the Cannon Elite

Below we will go to see the technical details of this new Antec product. Combined with the technological aesthetics and a unique design of the case structure, the new Antec Cannon Elite is an outdoor gaming house made in aluminium alloy well equipped with high compatibility and layout for high-end PC components. The full-tower Cannon misura 604 x 261 x 481 mm (PxPxA) and will easily meet the needs of every PC-DIY user for style, function and uniqueness.

The Cannon has room for two separate circuits liquid cooling which can be installed at the same time. This layout provides an extremely high standard of cooling for the GPU and CPU. The diversified configurations offer many options for high-end PC-DIY users to enjoy their creativity.

Cannon Elite: Antec announces the new Chassis


We will now go to talk about one of the details that most attracted the curiosity of users, and that is the price of this new chassis. We can certainly say that the company has kept expectations, and that the price is in line with the product presented. In fact, the new case is now commercially available starting alone 495,00 euro (recommended retail price including VAT).

And what do you think of this brand new Cannon Elite from Antec? Give us yours by leaving a comment below and continue to follow to stay informed about the world of technology (and not only!).

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