Alessandra Amoroso and Alexa together to say good morning to fans

Alessandra Amoroso and Alexa together to say good morning to fans

Let’s challenge anyone: who has ever seen Alexa and Alessandra Amoroso, together, in the same room? We mean physically. It is obvious that there is something they are not telling us. What are you hiding from us Amazon? And like all conspiracy theories it is clear that there are clues: giving a good morning to the voice assistant we will find from today a surprise from the popular singer. Well, jokes and conspiracies aside, it is clear that Amoroso is one of the most popular Italian singers, with over 49 platinum records and more than 2 million and 700 thousand copies sold. This is why Alexa has decided to pay homage to the artist, allowing her fans to receive a special good morning as a gift.

Just say “Hello Alexa” to receive a surprise from Alessandra Amoroso

From today it will be enough to turn to your device and say “Alexa, good morning!” to get a message from the artist. A way to start the day well, especially for Amoroso fans, which will invite users to join her in the cloud (or in any case she will virtually reach your living room).

Good morning Alexa Amoroso

Morning greetings aside, the artist is currently busy preparing the mega concert on July 13, when she will become the second Italian woman to hold a show in the San Siro stadium.

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