Canon ready for a partnership in the smartphone world

Canon pronta a una partnership nel mondo smartphone thumbnail

It seems that Canon is ready to jump into the world of mobile photography: the company would be about to announce a partnership with a smartphone brand. Another example of a photography savvy company ready to enter the world of mobile shooting.

Canon ready to enter the world of mobile photography

A trend that is gaining ground in the world of smartphones is that of partnerships between phone brands and professional camera companies. These alliances allow the optical and imaging expertise of both parties to be combined. And they improve it quality of the photos and the prestige of the brands. Some recent examples are the collaborations between Xiaomi and Leica, vivo and ZEISS, OPPO and Hasselblad.

According to a reliable Chinese source, Digital Chat Station, too Canon, the Japanese photography giant, would be interested in entering this sector. Canon would like to enter into strategic partnerships with smartphone manufacturers to offer innovative imaging solutions for the digital age.

It is not yet known who Canon would like to collaborate with, given that Xiaomi, vivo, OPPO and OnePlus they already have camera partners. So brands such as ASUS, Google, Honor, Huawei, Motorola, Realme and Samsung (or, surprisingly, Apple) remain possible candidates.

These partnerships can have different levels of involvement, from simple image tuning to creating new software and hardware features. At the moment the details are very few, so we will have to wait to see how the situation develops. Some brands are working very well even on their own – but Canon’s experience could make all the difference. We will keep you informed.