Car check up for the winter: what to check to travel safely

The state of health of the car is an aspect that should never be underestimated, and this time of year is particularly suitable for taking an adequate interest in it.

With winter approaching, in fact, it is good to make sure that your vehicle is in optimal conditions, as it will be tested by low temperatures and more frequent rains.

What must be checked to ensure maximum safety in the coldest months of the year? Here are some tips that can help you orient yourself better.

1) Windscreen wipers

To drive safely, you must always have perfect visibility, which is why it becomes necessary to periodically check the efficiency of the windshield wipers. Regular car users should replace both front and rear brushes every year. Unfortunately, some malfunctions can occur even more frequently: if the brushes make a noise when moving or do not have a perfect adherence to the windshield, in fact, it will be better to buy new ones.

2) Tires

Fundamental for optimal road holding (and, consequently, for safe travel), tires for road circulation must have certain specific characteristics. For example, the tread must have a thickness of not less than 1.6 mm by law and an adequate pressure for external temperatures (about 0.2 bar for the winter). Being quite expensive, the temptation of many motorists is to use them for as long as possible, which unfortunately can pose a risk. To reach a good compromise, it may be useful to visit specific e-commerce sites: for example, on a site like you can buy Michelin tires directly online and at affordable prices, selecting each feature according to your needs.

3) Engine oil and brake fluid

Never neglect the importance of these two elements: engine oil is essential as it serves to lubricate all parts of the engine and the frequency of replacement depends on the type of fuel supply of the car (eg: every 15,000 km for cars with petrol, 25,000 km for diesel cars); the brake fluid, on the other hand, must be replaced every two years regardless of the kilometers traveled and is essential for their maintenance and efficiency.

4) Climate control and air filter

During the winter season, the air conditioning system is a great ally for the driver, as it reduces the humidity and condensation typical of the cold months, thus also improving visibility. In addition to the air conditioning, however, the efficiency of the air filter must also be checked, which is essential for a good quality of the air that you breathe inside the passenger compartment; this should in fact be replaced at least once a year.