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Car oil: when and how to change it?

Oil is an essential car component so that it works correctly and does not encounter problems when starting the engine. In this guide what to do with the oil, when and how to change it

Let’s start by saying that there are three types of engine oil and, to understand which type is best to use, you must always check in your trusted workshop. The three engine types are as follows: mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic. Each of these engines requires a specific type of oil, to understand which it is, in addition to going to your trusted workshop, you can read the vehicle manual which explains everything in detail and so you will find out what type of oil your car engine needs. Now, let’s see when and how to change it.

Car oil: when and how to change it?

How to check | Car oil: when and how to change it?

Checking the engine oil level is a very simple thing to do, but it is essential to keep the engine running as long as possible. To do this check simply use the oil wand, it is usually a bright yellow color. You need to insert the wand inside the car tray, insert it and remove it continuously until the wand reaches the bottom of the tray. Near the end of the wand there are two lines. If you notice that the oil level is near the top line, then everything is fine, you don’t have to worry. If it is below the bottom line, then you need to change the oil. In case you notice that it is in the middle, we would like you to add somefine oil.

Car oil: when and how to change it?

When to change it | Car oil: when and how to change it?

As a general rule, car engine oil should be changed every 15.000/30.000 km crossed, or every two years, although this depends on the type of the car, whether it is an old or new car. Whenever your engine oil needs to be changed, there will be a on your car’s dashboard little red light in the shape of an old oil lamp. When the light turns red, in fact, it is necessary change the engine oil immediately. Continuing to drive with that red light on would, in fact, indicate doing serious damage to the car which could lead to significant repair costs.

Car oil: when and how to change it?

How much does it cost?

The cost of changing your car actually depends on some factors: the type of car, the type of oil, the type of filter and the cost of labor. Generally speaking a car needs between 5 and 6 liters and on average it costs around 10 euros per litre. However, as we said, this depends on the type of oil. Conventional oil is less expensive but less durable, while synthetic oil costs more but lasts longer. The filter, however, must be replaced periodically and is expensive between 10 and 20 euroswhile the cost of labor varies between 20 and 50 euros, this depends on the supplier. If, however, you decide to have the oil changed by a mechanic or at a service station, in this case the cost goes up from 100 to 150 euros.

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