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Car rental: choose the shape you prefer

Once upon a time there was a car owned and its cult: go to the dealer, choose the model, the accessories, pay it in cash or as many advertising claims “in convenient installments”.

All this happened in the last century, precisely in the twentieth century. Today the scenario of the automotive market has changed, compared to the previous photograph it has been overwhelmed by various factors and without going too far back it is enough to take the beginning of 2020 as the reference year, when due to the lockdown the production in each of its sectors, especially that of microchips, which slowed down and almost stopped the placing on the market of new models of cars and spare parts. To this we add the outbreak of the recent Russia / Ukraine conflict and the consequent collapse of the economy.

Above all, let’s add the turnaround in used car prices that are soaring, so among the possible options for having a car are long-term rentals and car sharing services.

For companies that deal with car rental for long and short periods, a new gap has opened in the market.

Here, who believed that the rental car could be a business only for companies or VAT number holders, now he discovers through numerous offers how to be able to buffer the situation and get behind the wheel of a car with numerous services, at costs studied in most cases on a budget basis.

The long-term rental

Il long term rental it is an agreement between a company and individuals, freelancers or companies, to give leasing a new car upon payment of an installment / monthly fee for a certain time, generally lasting 24/48 months.

The operation of the long-term car rental is very simple, it is a subscription that includes numerous services that allow you to avoid the numerous costs that arise when buying a car. The rental rate allows you to save as the monthly fee is often lower than the rate calculated for a loan and through a competitive fee includes a minimum set of services. Furthermore, the duration of the subscription / contract varies from a minimum of 2 years up to a maximum of 5, with a variable fee based on the kilometers expected to be driven and the model and value of the car chosen. In some cases there is also an advance to be paid or the exchange of one’s car.

How much does it cost to rent a long-term car?

The cost varies according to the company chosen and the model of car to be adopted. Some companies ask to pay an advance, depending on the type of car chosen (SUV, Sedan, Citycar etc.) ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 euros. In addition to the advance is required a monthly fee which varies with respect to the chosen car.

The long-term car rental usually includes a package of services: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, roadside assistance, the cost of car tax, full insurance coverage.

What are the advantages of long-term car rental?

Buying a car is equivalent to incurring an initial cost of a minimum of 10,000 euros, in a short time the vehicle devalues, maintenance costs, overhaul insurance, road tax affect and lighten the pockets. While, renting is equivalent to have a series of services in a single monthly payment, always have the latest version of the preferred car with all the ancillary services included. Also, every month, there are offers on long-term rental cars which allow you to further save on the monthly fee.

So long rental is uopportunity also for VAT numbers and for companies. In addition to having the same benefits and services included in the monthly fee already read for individuals, there is a tax advantage that allows you to deduct and deduct monthly fees, to have a fleet of new cars to dispose of every year (or several years) and to use the rented car for both leisure and business time.

Entering more specifically, unless otherwise specified at the time of signing the rental contract, the company or the VAT number will be able to deduct the rental fee up to 100% if the car is intended to be used exclusively for the activity of company while the deductibility of VAT applied to rental fees and ancillary costs is also deductible up to 100%, unless the vehicle is used otherwise. Depending on the type of rental chosen, there may be the possibility of exchanging your car to further lower the rent or to avoid the advance.

What documents do I need to rent a long-term car?

For individuals you need: a copy of the identity card valid copy of the patent valid, the tax document you certify the income of the previous year as a single model or 730 and 2 or 3 pay slips or the last pension slip.

For companies or freelancers you need: the Single Model of the company, vcadastral survey updated to a maximum of 5 months, the Privacy Form that will be delivered by the long-term rental company, the copy of the identity card validity of the representative of the company or freelancer.

Which credit card do I need to rent?

For safety and company policy reasons, rentals can be booked and paid online only through prepaid and electronic Visa, American Express and Eurocard (Mastercard) credit cards. Debit and ATM cards are not accepted.

What are the long-term rental companies?

Here, we mention some of the long-term rental companies that over the years have become global benchmarks in the sector.

Arval is a company that is part of the BNP Paribas Group; Ald Automotive is part of the Société Générale group, Hurry is an Italian company based in Rome; Leasys; Leaseplan; Athlon is a company that has been operating in the car rental sector for over a century and belongs to the Daimler AG group.

Still there are: Alphabet; B-Rent is a company active in the car, motorcycle and van rental sector; Hertz born in 1918 in the American city of Chicago from the idea of ​​Walter L. Jacobs who, with 12 Ford Model T, laid the foundations of the company we know today.

The group Sixt, owned by the family of the same name, it holds the lead among car rental and leasing companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Israel, but its business spans across the board. Europcar Mobility Group is a French multinational that is dedicated to trucking and car rental services and was founded in 1949 in Paris, where the head office is still located.

The short-term rental

Il short term rental is a car use service with the all-inclusive formula through the payment of a fee. Basically, the only cost to be borne by those who rent the car is refueling.

The fee is calculated based on the type of car chosen and a series of parameters including the total days of the rental, a forecast of the kilometers to be traveled up to a maximum of 100 km per day and the presence of special customizations or accessories required.

Since we are talking about the short term, generally a similar contract can last one day, minimum term, up to 18 months, maximum term. Then, the long-term contract is triggered, more convenient and suitable for needs with longer deadlines.

Car rental in sharing

In recent years, the possibility of take advantage of peer-to-peer car sharing dedicated to those who use the car occasionally or for other needs. Here, people can find a car within walking distance of where they are, without having to go to a rental point.

Numerous companies have equipped themselves with fleets that provide different car models, above all they give users the opportunity to experiment with a new form of autonomous mobility.

In principle, access to this service is enough download the app, register by providing all the data and indicating the credit card as a payment method. Subsequently, as soon as the company’s control system has carried out all the necessary checks, the notification is received in order to use the service.

Therefore, with a few clicks from the smartphone, the vehicle is identified and availability is checked in order to book it. About the costs vary depending on the time you intend to use the car and the car sharing companies are numerous.

Car rental according to Lynk & Co.

Lynk & Co 01

Another form of sharing rental at the moment, in Italy, is the offer of Lynk & Co. The Chinese-Swedish car manufacturer owned by the Zhejiang Geely Holding group, with the 01 model offers the opportunity to be able to do so buy, rent monthly and then share the vehicle in turn through a car sharing system.

Lynk & Co 01’s proposal, this is the name of the model, is simple and flexible. Just pay a monthly fee of 500 euro and includes road tax, insurance, maintenance and tires, ialso includes every possible accessory, from the panoramic sunroof to wireless charging for mobile phones, via hotspots WiFi and intelligent parking assistance system. The only thing to choose, in fact, is one of the two colors available. You can do it from the app that also allows you to buy it at the cost of …

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