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How to Control Teenage Kids’ Devices: 5 Best Android Parental Monitoring Apps

Children nowadays come into contact with the world of the web very early and this can be a good thing, but also a bad thing. That’s why we explain how to control teenage children’s devices with 5 Adroid apps for parental control

Parental control apps can make parenting easier and less stressful. With the rapid advancement of technology, keeping children away from electronic devices is becoming virtually impossible. On the other hand it is it is assumed that mobile phones and tablets can be useful for children, especially for their education and social relationships, provided that parents control what content their children’s devices are exposed to via the Internet in order not to lose control of the situation. This is where parental monitoring apps and tools can prove invaluable to parents.

Glmonitoring tools allow parents to keep tabs on what their children are doing on their phones and, to some extent, also to control the use of electronic devices. In this article we are going to discover 5 of the best Andorid apps for parental monitoring. But before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s talk about the importance of parental control.

Why should parents monitor their children’s phones?

There are several reasons why monitoring your children’s phones and online activities can be helpful. You can keep your children safe from malicious content on the Internet, such as bullies, hackers, online hookers, and more. Here are five reasons why you should monitor your children’s phones:

  • Protect them from cyberbullying
  • Protect them from online hookers
  • Safeguard their personal information from malicious people
  • Protect them from identity theft
  • Limit your time spent on the screen
  • If you have decided to monitor your child’s online or telephone activity, you need to install a monitoring app on their Android device. Afterward, you can take advantage of the many useful features these apps have to offer.

    The 5 best Android apps for parental monitoring

    1. EvaSpy

    EvaSpy we can define it the best parental monitoring software, thanks to its simple interface, comprehensive controls and features, and its convenience. The application monitors the user’s activity and lets you know exactly what the user has done in a given amount of time. The application allows you to view the keys pressed, the multimedia files played, the applications used, the websites visited, listen to phone calls and read chats on social applications, at any time and in any place. It can also help you block unwanted websites and apps without having to physically access the device. Once the application is installed on your child’s phone, you will be able to monitor their online activity using a secure online account.

    The application it is very easy to use and even non-tech-savvy parents can learn how to use it without any problems. You can also check your child’s calls and read their messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Telegram and Snapchat. This monitoring tool is everything a concerned parent could want. In addition to all these functions, the EvaSpy app allows parents to keep an eye on their children’s phone gallery. It also allows you to block unwanted applications and websites to prevent your child from being exposed to harmful content on the Internet. Of course it can be monitored without the child knowing.

    2. OurPack

    OurPact is one excellent free monitoring tool for modern parents. The app offers many useful features, including monitoring web activity, setting limits on device or app usage time, manual blocking, controlled granting of internet and app access on your phone, and a location function that allows parents to track the location of their children. There aren’t many tracking apps that allow location tracking, and that’s what sets OurPact apart from other parental tracking tools.

    It’s possible always be aware of the movements of their children and protect them from problems. In addition to this, it also allows you to block text messages and filter the web. You can Block all VM18 or malicious websites and protect your child from online threats. By monitoring screen time and scheduling SMS access, you can make sure your child doesn’t waste all of their time using the phone. Best of all, OurPact’s basic functions are absolutely free. A monthly fee is required for premium features only.

    3. FamilyTime

    Con numerous functions for monitoring and tracing online activity of children, FamilyTime is a complete tool for you. The app includes all the functions you need to keep tabs on your children’s activities, including setting screen time, bedtime, homework time, and so on. Additionally, safe search can be enabled and pornographic content blocked from the teen’s phone. The web filter allows parents to customize the use of the Internet for their children.

    If you don’t want your child to access certain applications or websites, you can filter them. FamilyTime also comes with geofencing and location functions. With the GeoFencing function, you can mark certain places, such as “home” and “school”, and receive alerts when your child visits the marked places. It is also possible to follow the child’s movements with the location function. This application offers pretty much everything a parent could need from a parental control application.

    4. Bark

    Bark is a real online watchdog for your child’s phone and online activity. The application has a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to almost completely control what your children see and use on their phone and for how long. If you’re worried about your kids’ behavior on social media or if you’re worried they might be hanging out with the wrong people, Bark is the perfect way to put all your worries to rest.

    Yes they can monitor social media platforms, SMS, emails, website visits and the user’s browser history. With alerts, you will be promptly notified of any potential threats or problems. 24/7 app tracking ensures that nothing escapes your attention. By downloading the app, you can manage your child’s screen time and much more.

    5. Qustodio

    Qustodio is an all-in-one parental control and monitoring tool which meets all the needs of worried parents. From a single dashboard, you can manage what your children see on the Internet and monitor their online behavior using the various tools and functions that the application is equipped with. From filtering websites to setting time limits and blocking apps, you can teach your kids good digital habits and enable them to have a healthy relationship with phones and technology.

    Instead of banning the use of telephones, it is possible customize online content to ensure that the child consumes only appropriate and healthy content. The application also allows you to monitor calls and messages and locate children, so Qustodio does more than just track children’s online activities. With this app you can also manage your child’s contact list. Qustodio might be a bit expensive compared to other apps, but it’s worth every penny.

    Comparative table

    Psychological problems related to the use of apps for parents

    Research on parenting has shown that monitoring your children’s online activities does not necessarily lead to an improvement in behavior. Being extremely strict with the time spent in front of the screen and the use of the Internet can lead to an authoritarian attitude on the part of the parents, which is not necessarily reaping the results hoped for by those who use this strategy. But there are other, healthier ways parents can use these apps to help their kids instead of suffocating them. Here are some tips that could help parents use tracking apps more effectively:

    • Install useful apps for the child
    • Talk to your children about their online activities and habits and tell them how to change them.
    • Talk to your children about the dangers of social media and how they need to be careful on the internet.
    • Do not give your children phones or tablets until the right age or until they are ready.

    Is it legal to use parental tracking apps to track children’s activities?

    As parents are the legal guardians of minors under 18, no law prevents them from monitoring their children’s online behavior. Parents can legally monitor who their children talk to online and check their browser history. Additionally, parents can track their children’s location while they are away from home and monitor keystrokes on their computers and phones. As a concerned parent, you have the right to keep an eye on your children and to make sure they don’t fall into online traps or get misled by phones or the Internet. Since such measures prevent children from getting into trouble or being manipulated by malicious elements online, parents can install a monitoring app on their children’s devices. However, ethical use of the software is recommended.

    Using a parental monitoring app is the preferred method of almost all parents to monitor their children’s online activities. Currently there are no laws that prohibit parents from controlling their children’s behavior on the Internet. Since parents have the legal protection of their children and are responsible for everything they do online, they have the right to ensure that their children do not misuse the internet or are exposed to harmful content.

    What are the factors to consider before choosing a parental monitoring app?

    Most parental tracking apps today are paid. It is therefore necessary to do your research before investing any money in an application. Here are some things to consider before buying a monitoring app.

    • Prezzo: Apps of this type are usually paid on a monthly or yearly basis. Before investing in an app, research the prices of all the best parental monitoring apps and check which one fits your budget.
    • Features: Some apps offer more features than …

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