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Car review bonus 2023: here’s how to ask for it

The questions to ask the car inspection bonus 2023 I am online. From Monday (April 03) from the website of Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport if you access the Safe vehicle bonuses. So the contribution to those who carry out a review of their car during 2023 is available. Furthermore, it is thelast year of the initiative, whose definitive closure is in fact scheduled for 31 December 2023.

Car review bonus 2023, the value of the bonus

In particular, to ask for the 2023 car review bonus, just access the platform. So you need to have Spid or Electronic Identity Card or National Services Card. IThe refund is 9.95 euros to offset the increase. This is equal to the same amount as the MOT fees for motor vehicles and trailers. As the MIT decree that implemented it reports, the bonus “is paid to owners of motor vehicles who, from 1 November 2021 and for the following three years, submit their vehicle to the inspection operations referred to in art. 80, paragraph 8, of the Highway Code”.

Bonus revisione auto 2023 font PixabayBonus revisione auto 2023 font Pixabay

Car review bonus 2023, that’s what the contribution is for

Il contribution has been introduced for revisions made from 1 November 2021. This is the day on which the tariff increase took effect, and for the following three years. Therefore, with the previous years closed (the last batch of applications for the 2022 revisions could be made by 31 March last), we arrived at the 2023 year, the last – precisely – for which the contribution is foreseen.

Limits and payment

The FAQs of the MIT platform remind that the voucher is granted to the owners for a single vehicle and only once. No particular attachments or receipts are required to submit the application, but you must follow the online procedure and provide the data indicated (driving license and date of inspection). Once the request has been entered, a case number is issued through which you can retrieve your data and follow the process. This ends with a payment directly to the current account, to the IBAN indicated during the procedure. The budget of resources set with the maneuver for 2021 was 4 million for each year: requests are met until this total expenditure is reached.

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